August 23, 2009

August is a busy Month!

Sorry still no pictures... but it's time for another update. So August has been a busy month.. i think the first weekend in August was the only weekend i've actually had some R and R time. One weekend we did our Ward camp out which was fun. It was funny to see which women in the ward liked camping and which ones didn't and the one's that compromised with their husbands by getting a camper trailer! At the Ward camp out.. Cory got a new calling: 2nd counselor in the Young Men's Presidency. we are both excited for his new calling.

After that, i spent almost a whole week in Orlando Florida... Before you all get so jealous.. I saw the airport, the hotel and the Convention Center that I worked in all week long for Melaleuca. It was a lot of work but it was fun. But i have to say it's nice to be home.

After working hard in Florida I went back to work and worked hard. Cory had a week off from work and so i took Friday off and we went to the Sayre Cabin in Island Park. Cory did some Fly Fishing with his brothers, and we walked around West Yellowstone and grabbed some ice cream, and then Cory's Brother made a great Dutch Oven roast, and dessert! We then had to leave, because Saturday morning Cory had his first responsibility with his new calling. we both helped out Saturday morning with the youth doing baptisms at the Idaho Falls Temple. It was so much fun! Later that same day we did our first MelaMasters Golf Tournament. It was a blast. We had golf carts, did 18 holes, had all you can have drinks and junk food, it was great. We even won a few prizes. They had a competition and Cory was a contender in the putting contest but got out beat at the end. on the second to last hol i won the longest putt, and won a gift card (7 feet 2 inches, was my put). It was the perfect most fun date in a long time that i've had with my husband! Te next day, we were slackers and instead of going to church drove to Utah to pick up my crib from my friend finally, and drive back all in once day.

So far that has been my busy August Month and it's not over yet! Tomorrow i go back to working hard at Melaleuca, have a baby appointment, Wednesday is Cory's Birthday (got to still wrap presents, make a cake, and clean house), oh and i am now an assistant coach for a Jr. High soccer girls team, and we have soccer practice four days out of the week plus two soccer games a week, and then this weekend the Sayre's are all going to Boise to visit Cory's grandparents for a couple of days!

August has been fun, but i can' wait for September and i hope it starts to slow down!