August 13, 2008

Island Park

We love going to the cabin, camping, hiking, riding the bikes, or anything fun! This summer has been busy and has gone by way to fast. Luckily we have fit in a few fun trips. We went to Yellowstone with some soccer buddies (the Benson family, and the Schanz family) and had so much fun just relaxing. Then we did a Sayre cabin trip and went to West Yellowstone again but not in the park this time. Then my in-laws invited us to go with them at a KOA spot in Jackson Hole, WY and camp and hike around Jennies Lake. So much fun! I think we may have one more hike in us.. and then the weather will start to cool off and we'll have to find other means of entertainment.

My first Triathalon!

My friend Terrie called me and asked me to do a triathlon with her.. I said sure when do you want to do it... she said how about two weeks..... WHAT!!! I know... she had been in training but need someone to go with her, so I said what the heck.. I'll do it!

Well the water didn't come into the man made lake in time so it ended up being a duel-athalon. Which meant we ran 2 miles, biked 10 miles, and then ran a 5K at the end. It was so much fun. But needless to say.. since I had no training I was sore for a good three days. will I do it again? Of course!

The pinning ceremony

Cory graduated from the BYU-Idaho nursing program in July. They do a pinning ceremony which is where the girls wear all white, and the boys wear church clothes but a light colored tie and they wait for their name to be called, then they walk across stage to receive a pin. I'm so proud of him! He became a GN (graduate nurse) then passed his NCLEX exam which made him a RN (registered nurse). He got a job working at EIRMC in the ICU. So, if you're ever injured he'll take care of you.

Our little addition to the family

Cory and I decided to add to our family... We bought a dog. His name is Brom and he's a Wired-Haired Pointing Griffon. He's a gun dog!
Cory and I have been getting all prepared. We laid sod in the backyard so Brom could have good grass to play on, and we are installing a fence so he will have more area to run around in. We're so excited to have him; we get to take him home September 8th, 2008!