Crochet Project

A couple of years ago I wanted to learn how to crochet so I could make Joslyn an adorable owl hat! So with a lot of help from youtube and the elderly ladies in Shelley, I have learned how to crochet and am still learning. Its become a really fun hobby for me.
I have been crocheting like crazy every time a new baby is born, and my sister in law asked if I would make her a hat. Well a year later I finally made her a beanie with a brim. Well the whole Sayre clan wanted a hat too, so I have started a new project this year. I am making a hat for every Sayre in the family for their birthday. So as I make their hat I will post pictures of all the different styles that I make. Each family member picked out their style and color so it will be fun to see all the varieties.

Rob wanted a  Dinosaur Hat

Hannah wanted a black hat with a bill with a pink flower.
You will notice that most of the girl cousins will be similar
because they just love to have the same stuff as one another

Mackenzie wanted a black hat with a bill and a cream flower!

Jack's hat is the exact opposite in color to Rob's hat!

Gwen wanted a Rapunzel hat!

Amber has the Olathe Hat!

Lucy is wearing a cute earflap beanie with flower!

Mom Sayre has a Kadri hat!

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