February 21, 2011

February craziness

February has been a crazy month for us. Seems like life is on fast forward in the Sayre home. Both Cory and I are working now, and we both switch off taking care of Joslyn and the house work on our days off, plus Cory is doing school, and I'm in young womans. So we are constantly busy.. so February decided to through so much busy things at us like, super bowl sunday, valentines day and Presidents day. ha ha

Well Super Bowl Sunday was not a very good memory for us. Brom was very ill and had had two operations because he swallowed one of Joslyn's binky. We were hoping he would turn around and get better even though he was septic. Well as we were driving to Blackfoot to do the whole super bowl fun at my bro. and sis.-in-law's place, we get a call from one of the vets. she said that Brom was getting worse fast, and that now would be a time to say good bye and put him down so he wouldn't suffer any more. So we quickly turned around and stayed with Brom till his last breath.

next was Valentines Day... that was def. a pick me up holiday that Cory and I needed. We both had been feeling down because of the death of Brom. Cory and I got each other presents, but I thinkwe both were more excited watching Joslyn open her presents from us. Cory got her a purple bouncy ball, and i got her a book that reads to her as she turns the pages. My friend and I made an amazing romantic dinner for our hubbys. We made a copy cat chicken madeira from the cheese cake factory, then we did choc. fondue for dessert dipping strawberries, oreos, and marshmallows in the choc. it was all delicious!
Presidents Day so far has been busy with getting income taxes finished off, errands, shoveling more snow, visiting teachers, and getting my house ready for the week. Lets just say my house has been neglected when cory stays home with joslyn. but hey he takes really good care of Joslyn so I can't complain. So maybe I'll be able to catch some shopping before the stores close. But I had to do something fun with joslyn so we built a fort and read books together, and played with our baby dolls! ha ha.. I love this stage... now I just need to figure out how to make her talk. I hope everyone else's February is a lot slower paced and fun than mine has, but I wouldn't trade this moment for anything. I love how close our family is growing with this new stage of our lives.