October 19, 2009


This posting is by none other than Cory himself. I just wanted to share with everyone Brom and I's first pheasant. Ohh and I added the music to our blog, pretty good for not being blog savey.

October 15, 2009

Week 30

So I went to the Doctors office this week. It was my 30 week appointment. Just for an update. I have gained a total of 24 pounds this pregnancy, my BP looks great, my urine looks awesome, and the pain in my groins is normal, and the baby's heart beat is still healthy and strong. I was surprised though to find out that the office did receive the H1N1 Vaccine. They gave me some paperwork to feel out and to read and if I wanted to they would give me the shot right there. As youall know i was really concerned and i wanted to be prepared for this moment. So i have been doing a lot of research, weighing the pros and cons, and a dear friend (Lisa) suggested that i pray after making a decision and ask Heavenly Father if that is a good decision. Well I did just that. I made a decision to get the vaccine and prayed and when i went into the doctors office and they offered the vaccine, i asked a few more questions... got some facts from the Doc (like: if you are pregnant and get the swine flu you have a 50% chance of going to the hospital, and a 30% chance of mom and baby dieing). When i told them that i was getting the vaccine i felt completely at peace and not scared like i thought i would be. I thinks it's because i did do a lot of prep work on deciding what to do. The doctor also said that they were only allotted 20 vaccines at their clinic and if they use them all and submit the paperwork back they will get another 20. I feel very blessed that i was able to get that vaccine so quickly; especially since so many people at work are getting it or their families are and Cory working at the hospital and bringing home soo many germs.

So I have been starting up on some new things... Scriptures every morning, FHE, date night, and a scheduled temple night. So far I have been reading at least 1 chapter every morning for the past three weeks in the Book of Mormon. My first week i was really stressed and had a crappy time at work and at home. Cory says it's because I'm doing something good and Satan is working twice as hard on me... Now I feel so much better throughout the day, i show up to work earlier, and i love reading to Cory when he is half awake and half asleep an when i have a question about something i just read he can spit out the answer... he's so smart. We just barely started FHE.. we usually had tons of soccer on Monday nights, but now that my jr. high girls are done with their season, and Cory's city league is over, we have a few more free Monday nights. So we tried it and I can honestly say there was an awesome spirit in our home. I really really hope we keep it up. Cory has been super busy with work, hunting season, riding his dirt bike, Dragons, etc... i told him that i don't mind all his activities but that I wanted at least one evening a week devoted to us. So we went on a double date with the Robbins and it was so much fun. We tried to dress up and smell good when getting ready for our date. We went to dinner ( Johnny Corrinos) and watched a movie (Couples Retreat- hilarious)... It was really such a fun night, and it made me feel so special to spend it with my sweet heart! We have scheduled a night to go to the Temple this month. I hear that once you do somethign like that things will come up... so we are going to really try hard and avoid temptations as that day gets closer... But yet again i'm excited to go to the Temple. These few little changes has made me soo happy and want to be a better wife for my hard working husband!

Well Last Sunday the Sayre's did their Fall 2009 photos at Grandma's pumpkin patch. Such a cute little place here in Idaho. I hope you enjoy the photos!

Sayre Grandkids Fall 2009

Mom & Dad Sayre

Ryan & Lynnette Sayre Family

Josh & Kaylin Sayre Family

Casey and Amber Sayre Family

Kaylin & Stefanie Sayre
The Sayre Girls!

Goofy Picture!

October 7, 2009

H1N1 Info.

So I have been curious about the H1N1 vaccine and whether or not I should get it. I finally found some great links that gives tons of information. Read about it if you are interested!

call 1-800 CDC-INFO for the most current information about the flu.

For more information about the flu in our community visit the East Idaho Public Health Department website at http://www2.state.id.us/phd7/.


October 6, 2009

6 More Doctor Visits Left!

Last Friday I went to EIRMC to do my glucose testing. I was given all sorts of advice, but when I gave them my slip they opened the mini fridge and gave me the orange drink. That was the flavor I was told to stay away from. hahhaa.. Truth be told.. I didn't think it was that horrible. I just downed it as fast as possible and waited patiently for the hour to pass by. Next time i think I'm bringin a buddy to taht testing, because an hour feels like forever when you are by your self. It wasn't till the hour was about over that I started to feel kind of yucky. I don't think my buddy likes that much sugar in my system all at once. They drew my blood and then i was done.

Well today I finally got around to going back to the doctor's office to get the report on my glucose test and to get my rogham shot. Everything checked out normal. She said that I'm not low in iron, my sugar count was at 68 which is a little lower than average. She says I could eat more protein and carbs to help that.. but that I can basically do what I'm doing now cause I'm healthy. I'm Blood Type O negative, and so I have to get a shot during my 28th week; so my body doesn't hurt the baby. Well I got that done and I won't lie... I am not a fan of the needles. The last time I got this shot the nurse shoved the needle on my side and I was sore for awhile. This time I barely felt the needle. I think it's because I have the best OB nurse in the world.

Well while I was at the doctors office I asked her what Dr. Oldroyds views were with the H1N1 vaccine. And she said that he is strongly recommending his patients to get the vaccine because pregnant woman are a high risk. They are getting the vaccines through the syringe not the nasal by next week or in two weeks. So I need to make up my mind within a week or two on whether or not I will accept the vaccination. I'm normally okay with getting vaccinated, but I'm nervous sense this is a new vaccine, and how can they test for side effects to pregnant woman in such a short time, or what it could do to my baby when she gets older. I'm trying to do some research online but I haven't found anything real so far. So if anyone knows of any legit Medical articles that can help me with this decision email it to me!

Well that is the baby update so far. I hope you enjoy the little video I made.. it's my nursery so far. It's still a work in progress, but my mom has been dying to see what I've done so far so here it is! I hope everyone has a wonderful week!