March 30, 2009

My Husband the artist!

Cory draws really really well. I swear if he wasn't a nurse he would do great making making logo designs for Burton, Volcom, etc. So one day I was in Porters and they had a sale on their Canvas, and paint supplies. So I was like what the heck; I bought a few small ones, a couple mid-sized, and one huge canvas. The first painting Cory did is the one with the Mountains. He gave it to his dad last year for Father's Day. The second painting Cory did of our dog Brom! As you can tell; Cory has some talent. He may not be the next Picaso, but I love it because he made it. Right now Cory is wokring on the HUGE canvas and doing a pretty cool scenary painting with a hunter and his dog in the background. And of course the dog will be a wired-haired pointing griffon!

(Painting of Mountains)

(Painting of Brom)