June 22, 2010

Josie is 6 months old!

today josie turned 6 months old. today we went to jc penney's to take her pictures rather than from my crapy camera. they did a really good job, but josie didn't seem too thrilled with the guy and woudn't really smile, which is funny because she smiles all the time for everyone else. here is a sneek peek on her pictures.. hopefully in 2 weeks i'll have my prints done so i can pass the out to family! Enjoy!

Here are her stats:
  • head circumference: 16 1/4
  • height: 25 inches
  • weight: 13 pounds 7 oz.

She has just started to sit all by herself. She gets a little wobbly at times but she loves to sit than to be held. I think it's the beginning of her independence! She hates getting too many kisses now. I think the mixture of me wiping her nose anytime it's runny or the excessive kissing from her Aunt Amberlyn, but she does not like people up in her face bubble! ha ha. she is now really starting to eat a lot of a variety of baby food as well as items off of our plates. She loves otter pops!

June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!

This has already been a fun and busy month. My sister has come to stay with me most of this month and part of July. As soon as she got here we found out that she got limes disease. ha ha.. if it weren't for bad luck she wouldn't have any luck at all. It isn't contagious but she has been on medicine to get rid of it and it hasn't been making her feel very well.
(This is what a limes Disease rash looks like- bulls-eye)

Cory has been keeping up with his soccer whenever he gets a chance. He's been missing a lot of games lately due to work. But last Monday he finally got to play a game. He was super pumped; especially since the World Cup is playing. So he played in a game and was doing awesome. But one of the guys on the other team couldn't keep up with Cory so he decided to cleat him. That makes me more mad that anything else. It's just a game. I'm competitive and all, but why deliberately try to hurt someone just for a game. So Cory has been super sore and has some nasty bruising going on.

(the next day after Cory got cleated)

Today is Fathers Day. Cory's big present was that we upgraded his 250 to a KX 450F. He loves it and has already gone riding with it a couple times. But I wanted to give him something tangible on the actual Fathers Day. So Josie, Brom, and I did some pictures of us with letters spelling out DAD. Cory loved it. I hope Cory knows how much we love him and adore him. He really is a fantastic dad. I know he's only been a dad for 6 months know, but he is great with not only his own kid, but all kids. Happy Fathers Day Hun!