September 23, 2009

13 weeks left!

So I had my 27 week appointment today! That's right I am officially in the third trimester! woo woo! It's funny because my count down of 13 weeks left for having the baby is another persons countdown to Christmas.. that's right.. Christmas is just around the corner too! : )

Well Everything looks great so far.. My BP was 90 over 60 (pretty low still), I've gained a total of 19 pounds so far in the pregnancy. Dr. Oldroyd says the average person now a day gains 30 pounds during their pregnancy, so I'm pretty sure I'll be gaining a lot during this last trimester! This was the first time the doctor measured my belly. He keeps telling me that all my measurements are calculating to the exact due date.. I know I should be happy, but I want some how to have the baby's due date moved up and away from Christmas time.. But I will settle for healthy baby girl.

Funny thing... When the doctor was trying to get the heart beat of the baby; she kicked my belly really hard and knocked the doppler off my belly. I don't think she likes items on her.. She does the same thing when i fold my arms and add pressure on her. I think she may just end up having some red in her hair because she definantly has attitude already! : )

The doctor gave me a note to go do lab work at EIRMC sometime this week or next to check my glucose levels and blood work. I"ve already been told to choose the lime and not the orange ( Thanks Steph and Stacey).. so i will report back on how that goes!

Other than that there is nothing too new with us. Just slowly getting ready for baby, still coaching soccer, and trying to relax day by day!

September 13, 2009

Ode to the Honda 100!

So Last March, Cory bought me a dirt bike! I didn't know how to ride it, but he bought himself a used bike, and wanted me to get into it with him. So I tried it out! Well needless to say, I loved it. I bought all the gear: Helmet, chest protector, boots, jersey, gloves (still need the knee and elbow pads). I rode it about two maybe three times before I found out I was pregnant so then I had to stop riding.

I was sad that my bike would be left alone for 9 months, until my sister-in-law wanted to try riding. So I would watch her learn like I did, and then she got better and better, and even better at riding than myself! It was fun to watch her get into it, so that when I had this baby we could have something in common we could do together.

Well Cory has been riding a lot with his brother Josh, and friend Jeremy. And he really wants a newer bike that is a four stroke and doesn't foul plugs all the time like his current bike does. So he put his bike up for sell, and then later thought to put my bike up for sell.. which is fine. I didn't think I would care, and Cory said that he would like to get me a newer one with an electric start.

Well His bike has been up on the market for two weeks and no serious hits yet. Mine on the other hand was going like hot cakes. People wanted to buy it for their wife, or kid, or whatever, and were giving us tons of offers. Well last week we traded my 1998 Honda 100 CRF for a 2005 Polaris something something 900 snow mobile. Pretty nice trade.. if I don't say so myself. We got it looked at by Action Motor Sports, and they said the engine is in great condition and there is nothing wrong with our snowmobile minus some minor cosmetic cracks. So basically we double our return for my bike.

Now Cory can trade this snowmobile or sell it and use the money to get himself a newer 4 stroke and keep on riding.. The funny thing is... I kind of miss my bike. It was my first bike, and I didn't get that much time with it, but I miss my little Honda! So this post is just a little tribute to the bike I owned for such a small time but brought great happiness to me and the rest of the family!

September 8, 2009

6 Months and counting!

I have had a few request to post a prego shot on here! Here it is: 6 months huge! Now that I am pregnant; i can say that pregnant girls are so cute when they are showing and you can tell they are pregnant, but when it is you being the one being looked at and being big and pregnant you don't feel as cute.

Everything is same oh same oh with us Sayre's. We both work, and relax,and we don't have any big exciting news.. we have just been slowly getting everything ready for the baby to come. During the Labor Day weekend Cory and I painted the baby's crib and dresser. It looks amazing! I can't wait to get a picture on here for our baby's nursery. We still are wanting to sand and re-stain the wood floors, and then I will set up the crib. My mom has made a beautiful quilt for the baby's bedding but she won't show me until she comes up for Thanksgiving... so I'm curious to see it so I can start decorating the rest of the room. So far the colors are going to be a rustic red, browns (creams), and white, with just a tiny bit of baby pink for an accent color. So other than that nothing new for us! Pretty boring to talk about, but it's new and exciting for us!

Random thought of course... I was thinking about how we use to do some girls night out with some gals in Shelley, and I was thinking it has been awhile. And now that school is back in session, and things are slowing down, maybe a Girls night should happen again! Let me know if anyone else is wanting one!

6 months prego!