February 22, 2009

Next Hairstyles

Cory and I are very goal-oriented. I have been wanting to do a different look to my hair but I want to keep it long. Last Christmas I added a ton of layers, and I like my hair but when I watched the movie "The Women" I fell in love with Meg Ryan's look. I love her hair straight with the long layers, but I am almost tempted to perm my hair if I can get to look like that but Brown.

Cory has been wanting to grow his hair out for a very long time. Cory has an xbox360 and recently they added a feature where you can create an avatar that looks like you. Well Cory's looks like him but it is how Cory would like his hair to be. Since I have been trying to grow my hair out like a celebrity, we googled what hair would look similar to his avatar. It's a cross between Zac Efron, and this blond guy that we don't know who he is.

Oh Canada!

It's Sunday and I need to still pack. I will be gone all next week on a Business trip to Canada. I will spend 2 days in Quebec, and 2 in Toronto. I have already promised two people I would bring them back some candy. I am excited and nervous. At least this time I don't have to travel by myself like I did when I went to San Francisco.

Cory is trying to decide if he is going to buy a dirt bike in the meantime. It's the Sayre thing and I told him that if he buys it then he has to sale the Audi, put my mirror up in the Living room wall, patch up the holes in our room and in the bathroom. He totally is going to! I know I am a mean wife but I figured he is getting what he wants and I will too.

So now all I need to do is pack, get all my addresses and information printed, eat dinner, and leave! Canada here I come!

February 15, 2009

We had a simple Valentines Day! Cory had to work at the Hospital all weekend long during the nights and slept all day. We also spent money on a new computer last week so we each agreed not to get the other a present.

So Saturday morning Cory came home and I made him this V-Day card-thanks to my sister for giving me box-ful of scrap book stuff.

Then I made him chocolate waffles with choc. chips in side. We put whip cream and strawberries on top. It was amazing! Then I helped Cory to bed in the basement where it i dark so he could get ready for another hard shift at the hospital. Even though it was simple; I loved it. We didn't have to deal with expensive gifts, or the traffic in restaurants. It was just the two of us enjoying breakfast.

February 8, 2009

Nothing New!

Sorry it's been awhile since I've posted updates on our lives. We have been very busy during the holidays with the usual travels. Now all we do is work and play hard.

Even though we have no news to tell, I have a sister-in-law on both sides that have delivered babies. Melissa (On the Carroll's side) had a baby boy- Joshua- in Jan. Lynnette (On the Sayre's side had a baby boy-Rob- just a few days ago. And in a few months my other sister-in-law Amber (Also on the Sayre side) will be having her first baby boy. So this is the year for boys in our family.

Well that's all for now. I will try and get some new photos up of our little family.