July 31, 2009

I'm a slacker

Sorry I haven't added a new post in forever.. but i do have a good excuse. The iphoto is not working on our computer so i can't load new pictures and i can't crop any pictures.. and i hate posting news without pictures... but here it goes anyway.... things to update:

Cory's dad did our ultrasound at week 16 and he said "I'll bet my next paycheck that it's a little girl".

Last weekend we went crazy and decided to do a weeks worth of stuff in two days- Cory bought a paint sprayer and stained the fence, and we painted our living room (FINALLY) and did an accent wall. Everyone really should come over. It use to be a light sage (but looked more light lime) but now it's a khaki color with a yellowish hue, and the accent wall is a medium brown. I promise it looks great and its way more refreshing to sit in the room.

Wed. Cory and i went in to see Dr. Oldroyd for our week 19 apt and they did an ultrasound. He says he's 90- 95% sure that we are having a girl. Good enough for me! two out of two ultrasounds showing a little girl.. So now we have to plan on drama and a cute little girl name, and finish buying baby stuff.

I believe that is all the updates. Again sorry this post is so lame and without photos. Hopefully i will be able to post some soon!

July 9, 2009

Week 16 check up!

Sorry no pictures. This was another routine check up... but I have a funny story to tell. So at Dr. Oldroyd's they make you bring in your own urine sample each time to come. Well last time I peed in the cup after breakfast, and apparently you are supposed to pee first thing in the morning before you eat; so you it doesn't mess up the blood sugar levels. I felt bad, so this time I was determined to do it right. Well the night before I put the urine cup on top of the toilet so that I wouldn't forget when I woke up. Well it worked... I woke up and I peed in the cup! I was so proud of myself. Well I had to get to work early , so I grabbed my cup of urine threw it in a purse, and went out the door. I got to work, and I was excitd to get a great parking spot; but then..... I grabbed my purse and it was soaking wet. The whole passengar seat was wet. I opened my purse up and yup, the lid to the cup was off and the te cup was empty. I HAD URINE ALL OVER MY SEAT! well... I had to re-fill it up, so i grabbed the purse and the cup and brought it to work. I drank a ton of water and re-filled it at work... Yea talk about embarrassing.

Needless to say, I had a successful urine sample to take to the doctor's office, but it was still post east breakfast. But everything checked out. They weighed me, and the nurse was proud of me because I'm finally starting to gain weight. I gained a wopping 4 lbs-- though I feel like I've gained much more. It took the doctor awhile to find the heart neat this time; probably because my blatter was still full from me dowing the water earler. But he found it.. 142 beats per minute. We are excited each time we hear good news. The doctor even pushed up my date to July 29th for our official ultrasound. He doesn't know that I am having my Father-in-Law give me one this weekened so I can maybe tell what we are having earlier. Wish us luck!

July 3, 2009

Carroll Family Reunion

Cory and I got almost a whole week off from work where we got to see not only my family, but a ton of cousins, and aunts and uncles and my grandparents from the Carroll side. It was so much fun. We bought a book on CD to help with the long 8 hour drive to the Heaton Ranch in Southern Utah. Once we got there, we went camping, played at some red sand dunes, went on a hike, did some spelunking (don't know the spelling), visited a graveyard with some family tombstones, went bowling, took tons of pictures, saw transformers, did some shopping, and went to a wedding reception. So needless to say it was a very busy week. I will have to say, that even though we did tons and tons of fun activities, it was just so nice to just be with my family. I didn't realize how much I miss my brother's famiy in Washington state. I met my nephew for the first time (he's 6 months) and got to see my niece for the second time ever (She's 2 1/2). It makes me want to go and visit my side more often. we went, we conquered, and now we are back to the work life!