May 27, 2012

Beckham is 5 months old!

Beck is officially 5 months old! Right now he rolls from his tummy to his back and back to his tummy. Not every time but he can. I started him on rice cereal. When I started Joslyn on it she loved it, not Beck. I tried using my breast milk from the freezer and thawing it out, I tried fresh milk and pumping, I've tried heating up apple juice. It seemed he tolerated cold cereal with Apple juice the best, and this morning he liked it warmed up. I think He is just now getting use to the routine of eating cereal but he still really likes to just nurse. Beckham had a cold and a cough, and then one night his cough got really bad. I recorded it and sent it to my Dr and he thought it sounded like whooping cough. So we got him tested and put on antibiotics. We never did get a call back from the lab soo i'm guessing it wasn't whooping cough, but I'm glad he's feeling a lot better. He is still my happy chubby baby! I love looking at him and he instantly gives me a huge grin, It just makes my day.  Here is his 5 month picture!
Beckham at 5 months old!


Joslyn pulling her eyes down

Chubby Cheeks

Josie took this picture

Cory just woke up and wanted to play with his kids

May 19, 2012


So April came and went but I wanted to share a few things that happened. Both my mom and my mother in law had there birthdays, Amber and Casey's family from Canada came and visited each of us and spent some time at our house, and My Aunt Jo Jo and her daughters Tiffany and her two kids stayed with us a couple nights. So it was pretty busy! When Amber and her family came the brothers wanted to do a guy thing with Casey and they all went motorcycle riding, so the next day us girls decided to get pedicures done. It was fun cause Lynnette had never had one before and its always fun to go with a newbie.

I have been doing a crochet project this year where I am making a hat for every Sayre for their Birthday. They get to pick the type of hat (for the most part) and color and they wait till their birthday. Well I gave my mother-in-law her hat for her birthday, and since the Sayre's from Canada were coming I wanted to try and get all their hats done to save on shipping and the worry of whether or not it will get to them. So I did pretty good and got all but Casey's hat done. His birthday isn't until July so Hopefully if I mail it to him in June and it gets stuck in customs it will still reach him on his birthday.

Mom Sayre's Birthday hat!

May 16, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!!!

I think this time of year stresses my husband out. He has Mothers Days and my Birthday back to back and he tries really hard to make both really special. And I use to be horrible and reminding him how he better get it right. lol! Well Cory had to work all weekend long at the hospital so I just assumed nothing was going to happen for me on Mothers Days. Plus we just bought a brand new front load washer and dryer so I already got my presents early. So instead of moping around I wanted to focus this mothers day on what a mother is all about rather than the marketing and buying of presents. I woke up and I wasn't going to get stressed getting my family ready for 9:00 AM church, and I was going to have breakfast and lunch and dinner all prepared, and I was going to have a clean house. Well lets just say I got about 50% of all that accomplished. : ) Right before the kids and I were heading out the door for church Cory came home and he whipped out some flowers from behind his back. HE REMEMBERED!!!! I was so touched that he did that with his busy schedule. And than he grabbed the kids and Joslyn walked up and was dragging a big bag of tennis balls she couldn't carry because they were too heavy, and lying next to Beckham was a new tennis racket. Cory said I always ask him to go play tennis but we never could because I didn't own a racket so that made him want to get that for my mothers day gift. I thought it was soo sweet and thoughtful.

Well Monday Cory told me not to make any plans because he had my birthday all planned out. I was surprised because again I wasn't trying to put my hopes up.. which ended up being a good thing..let me explain. Monday night after Cory's soccer game Beckham started having this really bad cough. I remembered our dear friend Dr. Fackrell told me to record anything and text it to him if I felt concerned. So I did just that even though it was 11:00 PM. I bet his wife hates it when I do that. Sorry Amy! Well at 2:00 AM (Technically the beginning of my birthday day) I got a text from the Doc saying that he thought it sounded like whooping cough and if he keeps at it and has a hard time breathing take him straight to the ER. Luckily Beckham just had that one coughing spell and slept the rest of the night so We brought him into the Dr.. office first thing in the morning. So imagine a husband who is trying his best to treat me special because its my birthday but at the same time he has a sick kid, he is sleep deprived and he isn't feeling well himself. Before we go to the dr. office Cory goes and gets Donuts and orange juice and we set out for the beginning of our adventure that day. Come to find out we need to start both Cory and Beckham on antibiotics and I have to get a booster shot for the Tdap. We drive all the way into Idaho Falls hospital to do lab tests to see if Beckham really does have pertussis or maybe its just bronchial. Well it takes up to 5 days to get the lab results and thats how long the antibiotics take, so we are just treating him as if he has it. Which means after last week in a half of the family having the flu we are once again on house arrest because we don't want anyone else to get this especially if they have babies.

Cory did ask me what I wanted for my cake since all our plan had to cancel last minute and I had never tried an ice cream cake she he bought one from Dairy Queen and I have to say.. Now I know what the hype is all about. It was delicious! I told Cory we can do a rain check on my birthday if he wants, but really All I wanted after that day was for Beckham to get feeling better. Its funny how Birthdays use to be soo dang important and the world revolved around you, but now I just want to make sure everyone is taken care of and that they have that fun experience. I think thats why even though Cory wasn't feeling his 100% that he still wanted me to feel special on my birthday. So overall I had an awesome Mothers Day and Birthday despite all the unhealthy people in my  life right now.

April 27, 2012

Beckham's 4 months old!

I am a slacker and failed to post a 3 month update about Beckham. I was on top of it with Joslyn and kid #2 I'm already taking less pictures. But it's not because I love him less, its because I think we are having too much fun that I forget to think about the camera. Beck has been a different baby than Josie. He is more smiley, and is just a happy baby. He wants to be held or be noticed. Lately he has been playing this game where he will be sitting or laying somewhere and you here a little "whaa" come from him and Cory and I will turn our heads to look at him, and he stops and gives you a big grin. He's just a hoot. Well today I took him for his 4 month wellness visit, which means he had to get his shots. It's a love hate, I hate that he's in pain, but I love holding him all day just to try and comfort him. I'm ok with only doing that all day.  Here are his stats:

Height: 24 inches (25%)
Weight: 14 lbs. (25%)

It was fun to look at where Josie was at that same age. They are both at the same height but her 4 month weight was his 3 month weight. ha ha. I guess it's good this way, him being a little more filled out than what she was. She is my petite little girl, and he will be her protector.

March 8, 2012

Funny Girl!

I was picking up the kitchen when I hear some pretend snoring sounds from inside my kitchen cubbards! As soon as I opened it and saw Josie scrunched inside, she yelled "close it, I'm sleeping!" Gotta love her! :)

February 27, 2012

Beckhams 2 months old!

I took Beckham into his 8 week check up. He is pretty much a healthy little boy. His head and weight grew but his height stayed the same so he's growing outward and not taller. ha ha. It is a relief not having to worry if I'm feeding my kid enough like I was with Joslyn.
So these are his stats:
  • weight 11 pounds (45th percentile)
  • Height same as 6 weeks
  • Head 50th percentile

February 21, 2012

Newborn pictures

When Joslyn was born I had Andrea Sponenburgh take the pictures. She did an amazing job on them so of course I asked her if she had time if she would take Beckham's newborn pictures. She did, and they turned out so great. But it was only because she is an amazing photographer who was very patient with my son. Beckham wouldn't sleep or cooperate with the poses, and she kept peeing and pooping all over her blankets. I went to her house the first day and he just wasn't going to have it, so then she came to my house and brought all her props. Here are a few of his pictures, if you want to see them all you can see them on my facebook page!

February 20, 2012

Remember me?

I think a whole year went by and I didn't touch my blog. I guess that means it was a busy year! Well between working, being a wife and mom, and just living, I had to re-prioritize and cut off some items on my to do list. Well now I have a little extra time and I like to post about our busy life, mainly because I can look back at my posts as a journal.So now its catch up time! For starters.. I was pregnant and then had another baby! yup! I got a little grief about not letting a lot of people knowing and not giving up dates throughout the pregnancy on facebook. I didn't want to jinks the pregnancy, after have gone through two mis-carriages, I didn't really want to reveal too much unless it was official. My doctor told me he was going out of town and that the last day he could deliver my child was December 26th. So we scheduled an appointment at the hospital and I was induced. Started at 9:30AM and Beckham Cory Sayre entered the world at 2:33PM. Everything went really well and Beckham is a healthy baby boy. Was a little jaundice at first but that only lasted about 2 weeks.

Here is Beckham's one month old picture.
When I took him in at his 6 weeks check up they gave me his stats:
Weight: 10 pounds
Height: 21 inches
Head circumference: 15 inches

It was a relief to finally here a Doctor say whatever you are doing keep it up. With Joslyn I got a lot of grief about how petite she was, and that I wasn't feeding her enough. Well I'm doing the exact same thing and my boy just I guess doesn't want to be as petite. ha ha He is pretty dang strong though. On the day we brought him home, I gave him tummy time and he rolled from his belly to his back. I thought it was a fluke, but then he did it again. Two weeks later He was crying on his belly and then rolled over again. Again I put him on his belly and he rolled over. He holds his head up really well, and pushes against his feet like he wants to stand up. He didn't stay newborn for very long, just seems like he is already growing up way too fast.

Funny story real quick: the first week that we had Beckham in our home, Joslyn wasn't sure what to think of him. She was starting to go through some changes, like dis-obey more, not go to bed easy anymore, etc. Well she wasn't listening to me when I asked her to get her pajamas on. She just sat in one baby seats. Well I placed Beckham on her bed so I could grab her pj's out of her dresser. That got her going! she stood up, walked over to her bed, got on the stool to climb onto the bed, crawled towards Beck, and then on all fours hovered over and yelled "Get out!". I just stood still watching this in surprise thinking, did that just come out of my little sweet girl? Then she yelled it again. "Get out!", grabbed a pillow and threw it at his face. Luckily I was there so I caught the pillow before it hit his face. I had a hard time laughing and had to tell Joslyn that it wasn't nice to say or do that to her little brother and that she needed to be gentle. Needless to say we are past this stage, and now she is a great help with her little brother and loves to take care of him. And yes he is allowed on her bed now. Well that's the up date. I am going to try and be better at posting this year now that I am a stay at home mom. Until next post!