May 25, 2010

Joslyn is 5 months old!

Josie turned 5 months old on May 22nd! I can't believe how much she has grown. Already I feel like she is getting too heavy to carry in her car seat and she still is a tiny thing. I don't have any real stats because her next doctors appointment will be in June. But these are some of her favorites
  • eating rice cereal
  • rolling over
  • playing in her jumper thing on the door
  • spit bubbles
  • making vibrating noise from her mouth
  • grabbing her toes
  • sucking her thumb
  • and playing with her dad
she is such a joy to be around, and i love her so much!

May 24, 2010

things you learn about

So Cory and I are new parents. And with that we gets to experience things together. Such as... What to buy, and where to buy.

1) we new Joslyn liked riding in the car so we decided to buy this really cute portable swing from Target. It's very gender neutral, and is outdoorsy looking. So we saw it and bought it on a whim without doing any research on it. we had to buy weird size huge expensive batteries, but Joslyn loved it. then one day it stopped working. We figured oh, its out of batteries, so we go to target and buy more random sized expensive batteries. We put it in and it still doesn't work. We have only used it maybe two months and now its just a swing chair that you have to push to make it swing. LAME!

2) i bought a really cute play mat from target (online). It wasn't available in the stores. Again very gender neutral but way trendy looking. I really bought it because it had a giraffe toy that played music. Well when I got it the giraffe didn't play music. I called Target and they couldn't do anything for me because it was a hot item and so i could either return it or they could give me a $5 credit. I took the credit, called infantino and they wrote down my information and sent me a replacement giraffe that played music within a week. oh and two weeks later I ended up getting fraud on my bank account and they asked if I had done any online shopping.. only

3) I think Josie might be teething. She still is a pretty good baby, but she has been drooling a lot, bites on everything, chews to soothe and only one night the only thing that comforted her was baby oragel, but ever since she has been normal. So I decided to buy some baby oragel and baby teething tablets rather than borrow my friends. Well I was soo excited to go to Toys-R-Us and buy all my babys needs: 1st time veggie purees, baby teething tablets, baby oragel, etc. Well, i found out that i paid $1.48 for baby food at toys-R-Us that cost only .48 at Wal-Mart and when i came home the baby teething tablets were not in the box. Somebody must have shop lifted and I was the shmoe that bought and empty box.

So the moral of this story... research your items before purchasing rather than buying a whim, go directly to the manufacturer because customer service sucks, check your boxes before buying anything especially if they seem oddly light, and last wal-mart is usually cheaper. I guess you have to go through these kinds of things to be a parent helps us become wise i guess.

May 19, 2010

scary times

I don't mean to offend anyone at all by this post... but lately divorce has been on my mind. Before everyone panics.. it's because so much has been going on around me and it scares me. I have friends from church, work, family that they are going through divorces right now or just went through it.

i talk to cory about it all the time, because my heart is so sad when i hear another marriage didn't last and I can't help but think Satan is winning right now. i feel like i need to be a better mom, and a better wife, and i should read my scriptures more and pray and go to the temple more just to try and avoid this plague of divorce.

i pray for those that are going through this trial especially when children are involved. and i just hope and pray that my marriage can last during these times that satan is working so hard to make sure that it wont.

May 15, 2010

Sorry for the super long blog post!

So this will be a long blog post.. you can go to a different friends blog now if you want. ha ha. No.. it's just that May has been a super busy month already. May 1st we decided to start giving Josie some rice cereal. That lasted about 3 days, and she just didn't seem too into it, so I think we will try again this week or the next.

Then Graduations and Mothers Days just popped up out of nowhere. I seriously spent the whole weekend looking like a chicken with my head chopped off. Cory was working that entire weekend too. My mom graduated with her Associate degree at TCC on May 7,2010. I wanted to fly home to Oklahoma to support her on her big day, but my dad told me not too. I regret listening to him. My parents came to my high school and college graduation and I'm so proud of my mom. I really wish I could have been there. The next day May 8, 2010 Cory's brother Casey graduated at ISU from the Pharmacy program. It was really cool to see someone graduating with that much schooling under their belt. I've never been to a doctorate degree ceremony. And of course I didn't think to get a present for either of these grads. I'm so horrible.

The next day was Mothers day. I went crazy trying to get my mom's and mother in laws brag books together. You may think oh thats simple. Well it's not when you spend 8-9 hours a day at work, spend half the day pumping or feeding a baby, spend 3 hours a day to play with your kid, and 1-2 hours a day to clean up and get ready for bed the next day. So I had to neglect some cleaning in order to get two brag books done and mailed in time. I thought they both turned
out pretty cute, but not because of me, but because I have such dang cute nieces and nephews
that i got to put in the book.

Oh yea.. My first ever being a mom on mothers day- Well lets just say... Cory worked all weekend long. ha ha. Actually he has worked every single Mothers Day since we have been
married (4 yrs). So i'm use to not having him on Mothers Day. But he did do something cute for me, and I ruined it. I told Cory that all I wanted for Mothers Day was flowers that I could plant in front of our house. Well he woke me up at 6:15 AM and said Happy Mothers Day and handed me my card and present. My present was a membership at Massage Envy and I get 6 1 hour massages. I know you are all probably like - wow he hit the jack pot there on that one. But I looked at it and was like oh. Cory looked at me and was like you don't like it. So i spent the rest of the day trying to figure out how I can re-do that whole moment over and again and let Cory know that I loved it. Needless to say he wouldn't let me back peddle at all. ha ha. But I have used up one of my massages and it was great!

Next Josie went to her first ever friend birthday party. Jaislyn Robbins turned 3 and invited josie to her Princess Birthday Party. It was so cute. Her mom went all out, making a castle cake, decorated burger king crowns for everyone, played pin the kisses on the frog. It was amazing. Sorry Josie I don't think your parties will ever be that nice. ha ha.
Last but not least.. today is my birthday. Cory is not working this weekend so I get him for myself. That right there means it's already great birthday. But he has already made me breakfast in bed (a large cheese, hame, bell pepper, and onion omelet), and some sausage links, and a large glass of orange juice. It was great! He has already baked me a cake, and is going to take me out to a nice dinner tonight, and the whole family is going to a drive in movie to watch Iron Man 2!. Thanks hunny you are the best! So I would have to say it's been a crazy month, but a fun one too.