August 23, 2010

7 and 8 months

I promise to be better. Not necessarily for the rare folks that actually look at my blog, but for our family records. I need to keep track of the mile stones in Josie's life cause I know I will forget about it later. So here are the up dates:

7 months:
Josie has been trying to crawl. She gets in the crawl position but then goes flat on her tummy. Cory taught her to wrinkle her nose. She passes toys or any object from one hand to the other.

8 months:
Josie now is able to crawl backwards (meaning her movements are her getting further away from you rather than closer) and she can get from her stomach to a sit position. She loves Elmo and will clap her hands for joy and is trying to start to wave her hands.

I don't have any stats for height, weight, IQ (just kidding), etc. because her next doctors appointment is during her 9 months check up. Time really has gone by way too fast. I feel like my daughter is such a big girl. She loves to try and mimic whatever mom and dad are doing. Forget the baby food she wants chicken alfredo, or mac and cheese. ha ha. I know I am so partial but it seems like the older she gets the more beautiful she gets. It may be that she is getting more features or that I'm seeing her personality mixed with what she looks like. But I just can't but think WOW every time I see her. okay enough bragging form the mom. I love you Josie!

August 21, 2010


So I haven't been good about blogging as well as other things this summer. It just seems that I've been super busy with work or with Family that I just keep thinking "oh summer will last forever, I will eventually go visiting teaching, or do that project, or start working out, etc". Well its August and time is gone and I still haven't done a lot of things.

oh where to begin!

Well I had family on and off for about a month in a half. I love seeing family but it really threw my schedule off. So it took some time adjusting back to the rhythm of the Sayre
household once they all left. My Sister Amberlyn Stayed while her son was visiting his dad in Cedar City, My Brother Dallas came to visit me so he could see his new niece and date as much as possible. My Aunts Jo Jo and Janet came by a couple times (My House is the official pit stop). So i got to see a ton of family which was great!
Cory's Grandpa Owens Past away. It wasn't completely unexpected but you always think you will get another visit with them. It was sad because he past away the day after their Family Reunion. Everyone was able to see him one last time except Cory and me. Cory had to work that whole weekend and couldn't get it off. I wish we would have tried harder now. But Cory and I were able to drive down to California for his funeral. It was neat because I was able to meet so many people that I hadn't seen ever in their family. Heck Cory hadn't met them either! Cory's Grandpa decided to be cremated for cost purposes, and that was the first service with a cremated body that i had ever attended. Very different but simple. It was a nice quick trip!
I put my Two Weeks at Melaleuca- August 9th was my last day of work. I have to tell you that this was a big shocker! I was planning on working no problem, but the last two trips to the temple I had these strong feelings that I need to be trusting and relying on Cory more and to support him in his dreams and goals! I didn't really know what that meant except be a really good cheerleader. I kept it to myself at first but than I had a talk with Cory and told him about my trips to the temple, and he said that I better put my two weeks in. I was shocked that that was the answer. I didn't really believe I was going to be giving my two weeks at work but that next sunday Cory announces to everyone in our Sunday school class that I was quitting. I was shocked because I hadn't even told work and here he was telling everyone. So needless to say I had to quit after that announcement. I slept awful the night before trying to figure out how I was going to tell people at work. As soon as my boss got in I asked if I could talk to him.. and the rest is history. Now right after I gave my two weeks I wanted to renege my resignation. Our Washer was leaking, our water heater broke, the projector exploded, and the service engine light went on in the car. But I stuck it out, and left a great job, position, friends, and company after 4 years.

Cory and his dad climbed the Grand Teton. Cory has wanted to do this trip for a long time. At first he was going to climb it after he graduated from his Nursing degree, but he got right into a job and didn't have time to climb. Then he planned a trip last year and due to weather the trip was cancelled. Now this year he planned a trip with his dad. Four people backed out of the trip. I don't know if all the deaths this years scared them or if they had other engagements to attend, but their trip wasn't going to happen unless they could get some more in their group. The week before to guys from the hospital joined in on a whim. One from the ER and one from Radiology. Cory's dad wanted to do the trip in two days which meant they gad to not only bring their climbing gear but their packs as well. Cory got 500 feet from the summit when his dad had hit the wall. So Cory's new focus was to get his dad off the mountain safely. I am so proud of both of those guys. Cory says that next time he goes he wants to do it in a day and not bring his pack.

Sayre Family reunion in Lava Hot Springs. Let's just say our camp spot was the most windy and most busy traffic for trains in the planet. ha ha. the sleep wasn't the best but it was fun to be with family. Cory has been spoiled to be living near all his brothers. Casey the brother right above Cory decided to further his education and attend Washington State, which is just 20 minutes outside of Idaho. So that was the last time we got to see their cute family before they headed out.

And now to the current times. Now I'm trying to adjust being a stay at home mom. I'm trying to figure out a house routine with laundry, and de-cluttering, writing out a calendar of meals to cook. I know crazy right?! I'm very much a goal orientated and task person, so i'm trying to tie that into my new role in life so its not too mundane. Course watching after my new 8 month old keeps me plenty busy. Lately I've decided that I'm not waking up anymore at night, so I'm trying the cry tactic. I started when Cory started his night shifts so hopefully he will notice a difference once he isn't working nights. It really only took one night of Crying (Sorry Edwards) and then she has been pretty good. She keeps waking up at 6:20AM and so I feed her then. But at the same time I've been trying to slowly up her bed time in 1/2 hour increments. Tonight I got her down at 8:00 PM. Joslyn really is a good baby and is easy to care for. I love her so much. I especially love her more now that I'm getting some sleep.

Well that is all the adjustments and updates in the Sayre household. I will try to be more on top of things now that I'm a stay at home mom. Hopefully at least! :)