July 21, 2010

Come to the Hearing about the Windmills TONIGHT!

Anyone who is a resident of Bingham County come to the hearing tonight. I know we are all busy, but we need to voice our opinions on what we love in our neck of the woods. My friend just created an awesome website that goes over the facts on the the Windmills, and Wolverine Canyon. visit: http://www.savebinghamcounty.com

Please invite everyone you know that lives in Bigham County TONIGHT at 7:00 PM at the Court house in Blackfoot rm. 1.

Hope to see some familliar faces!

July 20, 2010

Come to the Hearing about the Windmills in Wolverine Canyon Wed. Night at 7:00PM

I was invited to go to a meeting at work Monday night that would include Frank Vandersloot speaking to any of his employees that live in Bingham County over the matter of Wolverine Canyon and the Windmills.

I was excited to hear Frank speak because he is so good at public speaking but I also wanted to know more about the windmill issue because I honestly hadn’t heard much about it except that it was probably going to be happening.

First of all I am not opposed to Windmills. But I learned some things that made me un-happy and I hope doesn’t happen. For one- the Windmill Company was doing some things that were illegal and the Judge told them they couldn’t do some things like go and build wherever they wanted to because of zoning laws, agricultural resource laws, etc. So the Windmill Company said they will just change the law. Right now they are in their 14th edition of the new ordinance hearing (I had not even heard of the 1st hearing). If nobody in Bingham County (meaning the people) then this will get approved and then could potentially become a law. So if this gets approved as a new law it will not only affect Bingham County but all of Idaho.
Now I’m not an expert, but I do know that I like riding my dirt bike through Wolverine canyon, and Cory likes hunting out there; heck we like to drive through and do mini hikes out there. If the windmills are approved we won’t be able to do any of that and neither will anyone else. In fact if the new law gets passed we could be potentially seeing Windmills in the future out by Island Park, the Grand Tetons. Which I absolutely do NOT want that to happen. Idaho is a beautiful state and I appreciate the natural beauty. I don’t want it to look like Wyoming. I don’t know, but I don’t think Windmill being a Green concept is correct when we would be replacing our forest with metal towers.

There was a ton more that I learned at that meeting but for anyone who wants to learn more for themselves you can see the new ordinance at: www.co.bingham.id.us/PZ

The Hearing for this will be at the Court House in Blackfoot Wednesday Night (7/21/2010) at 7:00 PM. If you don’t have any plans and you live in Bingham County please come. I would hate for all the windmills to come up and then the people to voice their opinions when we have the potential to stop it before it starts.