About Us

Cory- He is the sane one in the family despite all the stress in his life. He is a full-time critical care nurse, and working part time finishing his BSN at Boise State. When he isn't working hard he loves to make his own ammunition and hunt, ride his dirt bike, climb mountains, play soccer, and camp.

Stefanie- I love being a mom and wife. I stay at home and love to figure out how to organize and make fun stuff. Basically I love learning how to be a prairie girl. I bake bread, love to grow my own food, canned the food, sew and crochet, and am learning how to knit.

Joslyn- She is busy busy busy. Her favorites right now are Dora, Bubble Guppies, and Mickey Mouse. She loves to go to the library to rent movies and books. She is a great big sister and helps with Beckham a lot.

Beckham- He loves to be held all the time. He is a strong baby already holding his head up and roll over and kicking like crazy.

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