September 11, 2008

Cory's First Bird Hunt!

Cory bought a hunting dog... So naturally he has gained interest in hunting. He knows how to hunt Deer and Elk and his buddy Casey and him drew and won an area in Idaho to hunt this December. He has never gone Bird Hunting though.. His Brother Casey and his buddy Grant invited Cory since it is Open Grouse and Dove Season. They had no luck with the Grouse, but....

When they decided to go home after two hours of no Grouse, they spotted a Dove. Since it was Cory's first hunt, the boys told Cory to go after it. Cory tried to slowly sneak up to the Dove when when it started to fly away. Cory quickly pulled his Browning shotgun up, aimed, and shot! And the rest is history for the Dove!

September 10, 2008

Jenny's Lake

We went to camping finally this Summer! It has been a busy summer. With me and Cory both starting our new jobs, and projects around the house we haven't had time to do a lot. Cory's parents asked us to go camping and hiking with them in Jackson Hole, WY. We went hiking aorund Jenny's Lake, the Falls, and to Inspiration Pt. Aprox 8-10 mile hike round trip.

September 9, 2008

Our New Puppy!!

Brom is our new Puppy! He is a Wired-haired Pointing Griffon. It seems like everyday he is getting bigger and bigger. Here are some pictures of Brom's first night with us:

Eating out of his Dog water and food bowl:

Cory and his new best friend:

Brom all tuckered out:

Cory begged and begged to have a dog. He kept saying "I've always wanted a hunting dog!". We'll I gave in. But Cory is so great with Brom and he takes care of him. Cory has been trying really hard to slowly get Brom associated with the outdoors, and he wants Brom to naturally start following his Breeds instincts. This footage is Cory with a pheasant attach with string at the end of my Broom stick. He is trying to get Brom to start pointing


We bought Brom at SnakeRiverGriffons Kennel in Buhl, Idaho. They are a great Breed. The Ultimate Hunting dog! Not only do they point like their name, but they can retrieve. They are considered a Versitle hunting dog. Cory wants to eventually have Brom not only going with him when he goes Bird Hunting, but he wants him with him when he's hunting deer and elk. But not yet... Brom is still only a puppy!