November 30, 2010

we shoveled all this by hand! than bought a snow blower! ha ha

Joslyn is 11 months old!

I know it is ridiculous posting her being 11 months old. But the first year has the most changes and I'm doing this more for me so I don't forget all that she did in her first year. I promise not to be so crazy and post month by month once Joslyn turns one!

But here are her stats:
I weighed her at her best-a-mama's house: 16. 2 pounds (so she hasn't really gained any weight)
she loves to pretend that she is walking all over the place, but she has to be holding on to something or someone. I have witnessed her standing all by herself for a whole 10 seconds and then she just sat herself down. So I know she will be walking by herself soon but I think we will try to be patient and let her decide when she wants to. she loves to dance, and yell gibberish. She is the entertainment at dinner time at the Sayre household. She loves playing with cousins and friends. She think knocking a water bottle off the coffee table is the most hilarious thing in the world. She loves climbing up stairs (but can't figure out how to go down correctly). Well that sums up her 11 month mark. one more month and then the big birthday! I will be posting her party pictures soon because I have to celebrate her birthday before we fly out to Oklahoma, since Cory is leaving later than us. I want him to be a part of her first birthday ever! so stay tuned!

November 22, 2010

4 Years and going!

Today is our Anniversary! Cory is working the day shift at the hospital so we decided to celebrate on saturday. It was a lot of fun!.... well let me start from the beginning.

Friday night we got invited to watch the midnight show of the new Harry Potter movie in Blackfoot for free! So Joslyn went to the Robbins for her first sleep over, and Cory and I watched the movie. It was amazing, but long! We didn't get home until 4:00AM! Josie wakes up at 6:00AM so I went over to the Robbins to pick her up and nurse her. Lets just say I wasn't a very good mother that morning being sleep deprived.

I finally got up and started getting ready around 9:30 AM. Cory left the house, and I started to get ready for his surprise date. I love it when he's gone so I can try and look my best for him. My sister in law offered to watch Josie while we went out..... Well I reserved us private dancing lessons to learn the argentine tango. That is his favorite dance to watch on dancing with the stars, plus he served his mission in argentina.

I have to say I loved dancing with him, and having him take charge in that type of dance. Cory has always been a great dancer so I knew I would have fun with him, but this exceeded my expectations. when we got home he surprised me with my presents: picture frames to hang from the rod he bought me last year along with 4 roses. Later that night we went out to dinner with some friends to wrap it up.

It was a fun day to celebrate 4 wonderful years with Cory. Happy Anniversary!

Learning to Crochet

Joslyn grew out of her awesome infant beanie, and since it was starting to get cold again, I figured it was time to get her another one, but I wanted to make it since I have time now. Well I went and saw some stinkin cute owl beanies and instantly wanted one for Joslyn. They were running anywhere from $25- $35 for one kid beanie. So I bought a pattern for $4! It took me a week to make it because I had to visit youtube a lot and learn how to do all the different stitches. Plus I visited two elderly ladies from church that were nice enough to help me and give me some tips along the project. I thought it turned out pretty good. Now I wanted to learn how to make baby mittens that will match her hat. It's been a lot of fun learning how to crochet. I feel like I have an actual useful skill now.

November 14, 2010

Joslyn walking!

November 9, 2010

Its Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas!

Sunday night we ate dinner with my in-laws. Before we let to go home Cory said, "It smells like its going to snow". Well all day yesterday it snowed. While it was snowing Cory couldn't help himself, but he went to Pandoras music online and played Christmas music. I know I know it's not after Thanksgiving, but Cory and I love the snow, and Christmas. We just get soo excited with the first snow fall of winter.