November 29, 2008

2 Wonderful Years of Marriage!

I was still traveling home on my anniversary day. At midnight I text Cory "Happy Anniversary" and at 12:01 AM he text back "Happy Anniversary Babe". I finally got home from San Fran at 1:30 AM. The light was on and the door was unlocked, and I opened the door to a freshly vacummed house, which was spotless. I walked in the Kitchen ans saw my flowers with the note attached to it: "Two roses; one for each wonderful year we have spent together. I've loved every minute. I will be glad to have you back from San Francisco. Love you Always, Cory" When I read that I couldn't help but cry, and I noticed he did the dishes (which means a lot mainly because we don't have a dishwasher and it takes awhile when you do it by hand. I said hi to Brom, and then I crawled into ned with my wonderful husband. He woke up early and went to work the next day. This was our 2nd year anniversary. Not like you would picture; but still a sweet one to remember.

November 23, 2008

My work sent me to San Francisco. I Stayed at the downtown Marriott and went to an AMA Seminar to learn the "Fundamentals of Marketing". I think work was hinting something! But seriously; it was so much fun to go somewhere I thought I would never go. If I could change anything it would have been that Cory was there with me. I did not like being away from Cory and Brom for 4 days.

In San Fran, I saw China Town, Fisherman's Wharf, the Sea lions, Treasure Island, The Golden Gate bridge-from far away, Alcatraz-from far away, and North Beach.

I ate a lot of fancy food, and foreign food; but I have to say my favorite meal was the French Dip. I know that doesn't sound great; But It was Sourdough Bread, with butter, sliced roast beef, grilled onions, and bell peppers, and then you dip it. I've never had a french dip that way, but it's a new favorite.

November 4, 2008

October 21, 2008

The Results!

These are the great Pumpkins! At night they are terrifying, but in the day they are cute by the scarecrow.

Carving the Pumpkins!

Cory Decided to work on cutting out a skull with a spider web coming out of his head!

I was carving out a witch with the moon in the background and the witch is brewing something special in her cauldron!

Hunter (really Amberlyn) carved out a scary spider!

Hard at work!

Silly String War!

I think the pictures speak for themselves!

Going to the Pumpkin Patch!

There was a cute Pumpkin Patch out in the middle of nowhere! You had to look hard for a good one. There was a lot of green pumpkins and the picking was slim!

Brom had fun smelling everything! Hunter found a tractor to ride!

Hunter found a pumpkin! Amberlyn inspecting the pumpkin!

What a cute kid! Our little family!

Brom picked his pumpkin!

Playing in the Leaves!

Most of the kids that went to Cory's soccer game watched him for about 5 minutes, then they found that it was more fun to play in the park! Hunter had the idea to play in the leaves. Amberlyn (My sister) asked one of the neighbors if she could borrow their rake. Hunter Built a huge pile of leaves and Jumped in!

These two pictures of Hunter, and then of Hunter with his mom are my favorites! Isn't my family so cute!

Hunter found a friend! He loved playing with my nephew Ben! They destroyed those leaves!