March 29, 2010

Birthdays, Egg Hunts, and more!

This weekend was a blast. We went to our Nephews 1 year old birthday bash. It was cute to watch him eat his cake or should I say.. wear it! I tried really hard to take a picture of my nephews Rob and Jack with Josie since they were all born in 2009. But it was late and everyone was cranky.. so I will have to give it a go another time.

Then on Saturday my mom's co-work invited a bunch of people to go to her home in Ammon and to have an egg hunt and eat hot dogs. It was way more fun than I could have imagined. she had a huge yard with different areas for egg hunts one for the infants and toddlers, and another section for the big kids. IN the eggs there was candy, money, gift certificate to take home a baby chick, and she even handed out some toys for the kids (kites, coloring books). She even had jars full of different kinds of candy and had people guess how many were in them. the winners took the jars home. Josie tied with one of the winners who guessed how many tootsie rolls. SHe was only 29 off. She is sooo smart!

Since next Sunday is General Conference weekend I decided to put Josie in her Easter Dress that her Grandma Carroll bought her. She looked so dang cute in such a puffy dress. On Sunday Cory spoke in the spanish branch in espanol. He was super nervous but he did a great job. I don't think he has had to give a talk in spanish since his mission 5+ years ago. Crazy!

March 23, 2010

Josie's 3 months old!

I can't hardly believe it.. Josie is 3 months old. It's funny I see new babies being born and Josie now looks huge compared to them, but it really wasn't too long ago that she was that tiny. I swear you blink and they grow. She really is a good baby. She puts up with me as her mom, and she is a truper for learning to drink from a bottle and take a binky since I had to go back to work I love you Josie girl!
3 months old!

Team Green!

So last weekend was an actual great weekend in terms of weather. Cory and his buddy Jeremy have gone riding once in Twin Falls and us wife's wanted to go too. So last weekend we met up with Cory's brother Josh and his family and we met up with Jeremy and his family to go riding in Ammon at the gravel pits. It was really one of the most fun weekends in a long time. Josh and Kaylin had their kids riding on their bikes, and so did Jeremy and Jen. Josie is still a little young to ride on a bike, so Cory and I took turns and Kaylin was so kind to watch her once so Cory could take off while I was riding. But it was so much fun.. I can't wait till summer so we can go camping and riding all the time!

March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patricks Day!

i love today, not only is it St. Patty's Day, but it's also my dads birthday. I can't help but think that everyone is dressing in green in honor of my dad. ha ha j/k! But seriously its such a simple yet fun holiday to celebrate. You see people wearing all shades of green, weather is starting to warm up, you start to see some grass, i love it! well i quickly took these pics. of josie. the four leaf clover onesie i made! igot the idea from

March 13, 2010

Back at Work

So my first day back at work was Thursday. I'm glad I started on a Thursday rather than a Monday for a few reasons. I didn't like being away from Josie that long, and she is just now learning how to take a bottle, and last because I just need to learn how to juggle one more thing in my life.

Now I was surprised that my first day back wasn't as hard or as bad as I had envisioned it. Everyone says that they cry on their first day back. But I didn't. I came very close but not for the same reason as those other women. It was actually fun to see everyone again, to socialize with grown-ups and with my friends. Its great to know that I am responsible for projects and to get recognized for the accomplishments (it's harder to get a pat on the back for raising a child, or cooking a meal, or keeping the house clean). So there are some great pluses to being at work. Now of course I missed my daughter and I thought of her the whole time, but I wanted to work harder at work so I could go back to her.

Now back to the part where I almost cried.... I Felt kind of weird asking my supervisor but I had to ask.. where am I supposed to pump? Now Wed. night Sis. Wittwer in my ward told me that by law the company has to provide a place, so I was curious to see where that pumping place was. Well I was told to go to our Koala Kids Academy. So I walked over there and asked where I could pump. I pumped, and when I got out of the door, the lady told me I couldn't occupy that room anymore and find another location. I understood of course, but with my hormones all wacky I had to hold back the tears. I mean I'm already feeling embarrassed about pumping milk out of my chest like a cow, and now I'm getting kicked out. So I called HR, and they old me that the designated area to pump was the women's IT Bathroom. I couldn't handle it. Maybe I"m making it a bigger thing than I should, But I feel like for one, there is no privacy for pumping, I don't like to expose my chest to everyone, and second I don't want poo particles flying into my babies milk that will be going into her mouth. And yes poo particles are real just watch Mythbusters. So I emailed HR asking if there was anywhere else that was private and sanitary for me to pump. they told me the best place was the bathroom, and if I wanted I could find a conference room that locks and schedule it a little bit, or the tanning room in the gym. Well I found a place across the street. There is our recording studio building and they have two single bathrooms with a lock. I figured that was better than a bathroom with a bunch of stalls, and no on e is going to the bathroom, and I'm by myself and when you turn the light on a loud fan noise turns on too so I know no one outside can hear the pump. I emailed the guy in charge over there and he said I was welcomed to use their place anytime, which made me smile.

But I was curious how other moms felt, because I know I'm not the only person who has gone through this. My friend Liz at work told me that a bunch of girls use the Tanning room in the gym, or they use on of the shower stalls and turn the water on so no one can hear. She told me to hang in there, because a lot of mom's at our work end up quitting pumping because it's so complicated at our work area, and end up feeding their babies formula. she told me that it's hard, but think of your baby. I was glad that I wasn't alone, and that there are some places that we can pump. HR did say that someday if Melaleuca build a new place, they are going to build a room specifically for woman to pump and breast feed their babies. So I know they are are trying and that they are doing the best that they can with the current resources, but I have to say it day make going back to work a little more dramatic than I would have liked.

Well that is the update. Cory wanted to see if I would like to play soccer this summer on a women's league. The only problem is that they play monday nights.. the same time Cory plays on his men's league. I lve soccer, but if I played we would have to get a babysitter. And where I don't get to see her all day, I don't want to get a babysitter on top of the 8 hours I'm missing out on. So for the first time ever, I'm retiring my cleats.. at least for now. I'll have to become the worlds best wife cheerleader/mom at the same time.

March 12, 2010

Bear World is FREE Tonight!

Just wanted to give everyone the news I found out. Today till 7:00PM and early morning tomorrow (Saturday) Bear World is FREE!!!! I even heard that they are letting people feed the little bear cubs, for FREE!!! This is a great Free family activity! Enjoy!