April 23, 2010

Josie is 4 months old!

April 22nd Josie turned 4 months old. I woke her up and brought her to our bed and sang happy birthday to her. Cory told me it wasn't her birthday, but i said it was her 4 month birthday! She was pretty fussy that whole day, but even when she acts fussy I can't help but love and thank Heavenly Father for bringing her to our family. She brings us so much joy!

Josie 4 months old!
Today we had to go to the doctors to give Josie her 4 months shots. I was not looking forward to this since last time was such a hard experience. Luckily Cory wasn't working so he was able to come with me, and I was able to take the whole day off from work. here are her current stats:
  • Height- 24 inches
  • weight- 11.6 pounds
  • head- i forget, but it's growing too!
she's been in the 25th percentile with her height and weight and 1o percentile with her head circumference. But this time her weight was starting to drop on the charts closer between 5- 1o percentile. Doctor didn't seem worried but I still couldn't help but feel bad. He thinks we should start her on rice cereal (about 1-2 tsp/day). All the books I read and my mom, and everyone says it's better to wait till closer to 6 months. But shouldn't I listen to what the doctor says? he says if she needs the calories than this should help her. I don't know what to do. So far today Josie has slept some, been pretty fussy on and off, and has ate a little less than normal but way better than last time she got her shots.

Here are some more pictures of Josie from Easter, I never did post these pictures, but here they are, enjoy!

Hoppy Easter!

Josie Sleeping and holding her hands together!

This is what happens when these two listen to General Conference

April 3, 2010

josie being a model

This past week my sister in law couldn't watch Josie while I was at work since it is their Spring Break and they went out of town. So my friend down the street offered to watch Josie. Well She just got a brand new super sweet camera (I don't know what kind it is.. it's just awesome), and so while she was taking pictures of her girls she also thought to take pictures of Josie. I know they were just having fun but I think they turned out so dang cute! enjoy!