February 26, 2010

2 months old

Josie is officially a 2 month old. I meant to let everyone know sooner, but life has been pretty busy. Well for Josie's 2 month old birthday, she got to go to the doctors. Now these are her current stats:
weight- 9 pounds 11 oz (I know not a great number)
length- 22 inches (3 inches since her birth)
head circumference- 14 1/2

So basically for her height and weight she is in the 25th percentile, and her head is in the 10th percentile. But the doctor says that was what she was since the beginning and she just keeps on growing- he calls her in the petite category.

Not only did we get these stats but she had to get a whole lot of shots: Hep B, Hib, DTap, and Polio. Now she did great. She of course didn't like the nurse pushing on her legs so she couldn't move, and then she gave a surprised face and then screamed, but what surprised me the most was that I started to cry a little. I mean of course I love my baby, but she was in so much pain, but it was suppose to be good for her, so I had to let it happen, and so I couldn't help but cry. The nurse was sweet and let me hold my baby for a long time in stead of kicking me out of the room.

Josie was pretty much tired and wanted to sleep the rest of the day, she ate very little which made me nervous and she did fever. I read and watched on the news that studies are now saying don't give babies tylenol before the vaccine but after instead. So I waited for a fever to come and it came. I felt even worse when I came home to a freezing home (our diesel ran out, and so I had to wait for a guy to fill up our diesel tank and wait for our house to heat up from 65 degreees..bbrrrrr).

needless to say I was more than willing to hold my daughter and comfort her for two days straight until she got back to feeling normal!

my 2 month old big girl!

Josie and Mom!

February 21, 2010

Big Dogs with Babies

People ask me a lot... "How is Brom with the baby?" I have to tell you Cory and I ( mainly me) were nervous about bringing a baby home when we have a big dog as an indoor pet in our house. Don't get me wrong, Brom is a great dog and everything. But he can get pretty hyper, and his big body just gets in the way sometimes.

Well before Cory brought the baby home he did everything we read about to do before she came home. Cory took Brom on a long run to get his energy out, and than gave him a bath. Cory brought something from the baby to Brom so he could get use to the scent of the baby. We introduced the baby to brom while she was still in her car seat. We had him behind a gate for a long time and slowly allowed him more and more time with the family and baby.

And with all that he did pretty good with the baby. The things though that surprised me was, him barking at some people when they would come visit the baby. He was very protective of her. Or that he sleeps in the hallway between our room and the babies room to look after us all during the night. (one of my favorite thing, was before Josie started sleeping through the night she would wake up every 3 hours like clock work. And I would be dead tired but still woke up and Brom would get up and lay down in fron tof Josie's room, sometimes even lay down in her room by my feet while I was bursing her, and getting her ready to go back to bed. I don't know why, but it seemed to help me, because I knew I wasn't the only one not sleeping all the way through the night.) Or getting me when the baby is crying, or doing tummy time with Josie. He really is a sweet dog, and a great family dog. Now even though I think he does really well with Josie, and I am so relieved he is being gentle and not too hyper around the baby, I still NEVER leave those two in the same room together EVER. I mean he still is an animal so you never know, but overall I do really trust him with her, when Cory and I are around. So I Hope you enjoy the pictures that I have taken of Brom and the Baby.

I posed Brom and the Baby. ha ha!

Brom and Josie doing tummy time

February 18, 2010

Prank gone wrong

so i don't know if any of you gals prank your husbands or if your husbands prank any of you? Well in our little Sayre family pranking has existed since the beginning. I have had Cory hiss like a snake in the dark, jump out and scare me when i get home, pretend he is sleeping on the couch when i get home, etc.

well a few months back i decided to prank him good.. while he was showering before church started , i decided to fill an EIRMC mug up with ice cold water and dump it on him, he got so mad he decided to dump shower water all over me. need i say we were late to church that day. ha ha!

Well i guess cory remembered what i did to him and he decided to prank me back. while i was showering; i had soap in my eyes and was washing my hair, cory threw ice cold water on top of me... well it startled me so bad; i screamed, threw my hands up in the air, lost my balance and slipped and fell. while i was falling i tried to keep my ground by grasping onto the shower curtain, yea i took it down, and my back and left arm hit the spout. cory was scared because all he saw was the shower curtain falling and my legs in the air with a big bang.

after it was all done all i could do is wipe the soap out of my eyes look up at cory and laugh! the moral of this story, be careful which prank you do, it could go wrong! painfully wrong!

February 7, 2010

Platinum Blonde

Well I finally did it. Saturday morning Cory woke up and said, "You should ask Jen to see if she can make you blonde today". I was a little nervous, and so I just said an excuse like, "She probably has too much to do today, maybe later in the week!"

Well like always, Jen is an amazing friend, and she just went to town with my hair. It didn't take as long as our initial hair day, but still took awhile since we had to bleach the entire head this time, and add low lights. I hope you enjoy my new look, I look like a brand new woman.. I don't even know where Stefanie went! : )