March 7, 2011

Count your many blessings

So lately I have been feeling like I need to look at all the good in my life rather than complaining all the time like I normally do! Well it all started on Saturday when when I was hanging out with Joslyn at KFC just passing the time till we needed to pick up Cory from work. I noticed a mom with her daughter eating dinner with her dad and you could tell that he bought them dinner because they couldn't. I don't know why but I instantly thought about how it must be hard for her to get a job, and that I should be grateful that I was able to get a job so quickly.

Than at church Bro. Balmforth in my ward talked about a story in the ensign that I had just read on how we should look on the bright side of things rather than complain. And it made me think again about how fortunate I am to have a job at a dental office.

Than randomly on Monday I got a call for an interview for a medical sales rep position. I didn't think that I would have a shot , but was actually really excited for the possibility to make some good money like I use to when I was working at Melaleuca. Then I went and sat in the waiting room and there was an established older gentleman inter-viewing for the same position. I thought "crap, I can't go against someone who actually has experience". But decided to give my best. During the interview process, lets just say it went awful, I don't think they will call me for a second interview.. she basically said there were more qualified applicants, and offered me a job in customer service (slap in the face).. So I walked out feeling horrible, and then I noticed that the waiting room now had at least five people sitting and waiting to be interviewed for the same position, and I saw someone who use to be a MIT with me at Melaleuca.

That was the first time that the economic hardship has really hit me. there were so many people going for this same position. Jobs have always come really easy for me but I knew I wasn't going to get this one, because the best of the best was going to get this job, because the company can be that picky. But even though I felt even crappier, again I had the feeling that I should remember how blessed that I was able to have a job as a front desk receptionist. I mean pay is decent, i get free dental, and I only work 3.5 days out of the week. Yea I wish I could find a job where I don't feel like i'm on the bottom of the totem pole, and that I'm challenged and get great pay like when I lived the corporate life, but I need to focus on the fact that I was fortunate unlike a lot of american to get not only a good high school education but I was able to get a bachelors degree, and get a stable job, I'm lucky to have a wonderful supportive husband that when work calls and says they need my help, that he is willing to watch not only our daughter but our nephew because I had promised to watch him, I'm blessed that we can pay our bills that we have and slowly pay the debt that we have to we can try to get ahead. a week ago I wanted to have a melt down because I didn't think we had enough and now I can't help but think we have soo much.