September 22, 2010

9 months old!

Joslyn is 9 months old today! crazy! She has progressed probably the most this past month. She has been crawling, gone up steps, pulled herself up, started being comical (on purpose), had another tooth come in, and jabbering about who knows what. I mean I feel like I woke up and a different more busy girl is in front of me. One of her favorite things to do right now is to be funny she will look up with her eyes and shake her had no really fast, every once in awhile she will add in a circular movement with the no. ha ha ha.

We went to the Dr. Apt. I have to say so far the 9 month appointment is the best by far. NO SHOTS! But we couldn't go to the doctor we normally see because he was on vacation. And every time we go to another doctor they make me feel bad for Josie being small. I like Dr. Olson because he reassures me that Josie is just petite. Well we decided to try Dr. Petit again. He was the Dr. that saw Josie when she was first born. Well we have heard that he may not be the best with parents but he's great with kids. Since I never got to see him work on Josie I decided to try him out and see what he is like with Josie. Well I have to say he is one goofy guy, but seemed to want to make Josie happy and safe. His nurse gave us these stats:

  • weight: 14 pounds 15 oz.
  • height: 26 inches

The Doctor didn't like that Josie has dropped from the 5th percentile to the 1 percentile. He even suggested me feeding her milkshakes. He also didn't like knowing that I'm feeding her food from my plate instead of baby food. But She won't eat the baby food from the jars, and it's not like I give her big bites, I cut it up and I'm with her to make sure she doesn't choke. And I feed her tell she wont eat anymore. But I will keep trying. All I know is that we love Josie and she is a joy to be around. I think she is starting to become a little comedian- most likely again from her daddy! Happy 9 months birthday Josie!

September 10, 2010

Garage Sale

Hey for any of you in the Idaho area and love to garage sale shop.. I got a good place for you to go. My mother-in-law is doing one in the Ammon area. She is selling her stuff, and her friends and family have pitched in so there are a ton of good stuff. I went over last night to scope it out and they have a lot of good stuff! I grab a few myself. :)
just to name a few:
  • variety of sized TV's
  • jewelry (not the cheap stuff either)
  • clothes and shoes of course (name brand stuff like North Face, Keen, Old Navy, etc)
  • baby stuff
  • home decor
  • fences
  • etc.
My Mother in law lives off of Lincoln and 45th in Ammon. her address is: 4260 Smithfield Way. Have fun shopping!

September 8, 2010

Cory's Birthday!

Cory had his 27th birthday on August 26th. I really wanted it to be special for him. I mean 27 isn't a special number but I can't help but feel bad because of all the changes that we have done this summer. I didn't want Cory to feel shafted just because he has a stay at home wife and our income was literally been cut in half. I also wanted him to know that I really appreciate him and love him.

So back in July I non-sholantly told Cory to circle everything he would want in his dirt bike magazine. ha ha. I know it wasn't the most sly thing I've done but hey it worked. So I got him a bunch of dirt bike junk- he loves it, and Joslyn bought him a remote control helicopter. He has had his eye on it since Christmas.

I also thought real hard on how to celebrate his birthday. The only thing I could think of was him riding his dirt bike with friends and family. So just him and his brother Josh and friend Jeremie took off riding in Fall Creek. Apparently they went on a gnarly ride and got heat stroke- so basically they had the time of their life.

In Cory's family they make wacky cake for their birthday's. It is one of the most moist yummy chocolate cakes with peanut butter frosting on top. This is the only cake I have every made from scratch. ha ha. Well I wanted to jazz things up this year so I made his wacky cake but I attempted to make it look like a guitar since he plays the guitar. ha ha I didn't know how to do a dirt bike and this was the easy route. Well I think I nailed it cause I took pictures of Cory from Sun up to Sun down and he was smiling in all the pictures!

I love you babe!