May 18, 2009

Broms Photo Op

Cory and I always feel super guilty when we have to leave Brom with someone else when we go out of town. I know it's pathetic, but we really do love our dog. So Sunday after we picked up our dog from my in-laws Cory and I decided that it would be fun to take Brom on a walk somewhere where he could jump in some water and swim since it was a hot day. So Cory took me to his secret hunting spot where he likes to go bird hunting. Well I ended up taking a ton of pictures of Master Cory and his Dog. It was really cool to see Brom in his element and to sniff and swim, and point out in the outdoors. He really is a beautiful smart dog. enjoy the pictures!

Best Birthday!

I had a great 23rd Birthday! I woke up on May 15th.. took work off, and my husband was in the kitchen cleaning dishes so I would not have to, and he made me waffles for Breakfast. Then I begged to open my presents from him... I had already opened one early because I could not wait. Cory got me some Clinique Happy Perfume, a thermarest sleeping pad, an Osprey Back pack, and a Sherpani wallet purse. We watched some office, 30 rock, and a movie.. just relaxing. then we took Brom to Pet Smart to get his nails filed and his face trimmed before we dropped him off at Cory's parents for the weekend.

We drove to Pocatello, and my wonderful sister and brother in law threw me a small birthday party. We had hot dogs and hamburgers, and i got some presents; which no one should have. It was wonderful... I think my favorite part was that my sister in law made me my favorite cake in the world: Boston Creme pie.

we spent the night in Pocatello, and drove up to SLC with the Schanz's to see ReAl Salt Lake play Kansas City Wizards. We lost 2-0. But it was still fun. We went to REI, and I got to introuce Tai Pan to my friend Rachel.. and yes she is addicted!

It was just a wonderful fun weekend.. Thanks to everyone who made me feel special I really am blessed to have such wonderful family and friends in my life!

May 13, 2009

Baby Sayre is growing strong!

I went to the doctor today due to some lower abdominal cramping. I was a little nervous since that was what I felt during my last pregnancy. The doctor said those were normal symptoms but just in case we did another ultra sound. Well, Baby Sayre grew a whole 1 cm from last week and we heard the heart beat again. A cool thing.. last week you could see the yolk sack and hardly any baby, this time the baby was twice as big as the yolk sac, and we had to look hard to see that. So we know everything is going great still. The new aprox. due date is Dec. 23rd, so it is still close to Christmas.. hopefully as we progress in the pregnancy the due date will keep coming earlier and earlier. I can't wait to meet our new baby!

May 9, 2009

Extra Extra Read All About It!

Cory and I found out that we were expecting last Fall. We found out we were pregnant on our 2nd Anniversary! We were going to tell our parents for Christmas and Surprise them, but later found out that I lost the baby and miscarried after 6-7 weeks. It's weird how fast you can be attached to something you haven't met yet. It was by far the hardest thing I have ever had to go through both physically and spiritually. I read a post from a friend who recently went through a miscarriage and her blog post really helped me even three month after mine happened.

Well after much meditation, prayers, and ovulation tests, Cory and I are again expecting. I am still not that far into the pregnancy, but so many people already know about it, so I figured I would make it official! So now that you know.. it's your duty to pray that this pregnancy lasts! : ) I feel really great about this pregnancy already, last time I cramped the whole time and had zero pregnancy symptoms. Now my chest feels slightly bigger, still not puking, but I am slightly queasy in the morning if I sleep in too late, and I am tired all the time. I had Cory give me a blessing, and things just feel more peaceful.

We went to the doctor for the second time (Dr. Oldroyd- Thanks Marcie for referring me to him) and had our first ultrasound. I was a little nervous since my last experience wasn't a great one, but we saw the baby, and the heart beat, and he even let us hear it. It sounds like a strong Heart Beat that goes really fast. : ) My aprox. due date is Dec. 26th, so pray for me to have a healthy baby and that I will be due early so it won't be a Christmas baby! Well that is the official update for the Sayre's. We feel extremely blessed that we have been giving second opportunity to be pregnant and be future parents of our Heavenly Father's special child.