December 25, 2009


Dr. Oldroyd told us that between 6-7:00PM on Monday night that we could start being induced by cervidal. Cory called EIRMC, and they were really busy, so they told us to call back around 6:30PM. So we called then and they were still busy. They told us that it should calm down around 9:00PM that night and they would call us if there was an available room. I was starting to get worried that we weren't going to get started.

Well We went into town and had a nice meal with my mom and Cory's Parents at Sizzler. Afterwords we decided to just stop by the hospital and just check to see if there was a room. It was the weirdest feeling. I always envisioned arriving at the hospital in a wheel chair screaming because I was going to have a baby. Instead we just calmly walked down the halls of Labor and Deliver, and asked the nurse at the desk if there was a room available. She told us that one room just opened up and got us in quickly. All of a sudden I'm in a hospital gown and hooked up to a monitor to check the baby's heart beat and my contractions and they put the cervidal in me.

The nurse said that some woman find that the cervidal makes them cramp a lot and to let her know so she can give me pain killers. Well I didn't feel a thing. I slept all night and woke up and Dr. Oldroyd came to check to see if I had progressed any. I didn't really. So he told the nurse to go ahead and put me on the Pit and if by noon I had not progressed to send me home. So i was nervous. I didn't want to go through all this work just be told to go home and try again later. If i was at the hospital i didn't want to go home unless I had my baby with me. Well when Dr. Oldroyd came at noon on Tuesday, he checked me and i had progressed.. I had dilated to a 3, and that was good enough for him. They got the epidural in my back, and then the Doctor broke my water. I would dilate 1-2 cm every hour. Right during shift change the new nurse came into my room and asked to check me, and i told her that the other nurse checked not too long ago and that i was at an 8, and she said that she should check anyway. Well she did and she said that she felt the head. So she told me to start pushing.

I was so nervous because Cory and I didn't take any classes, didn't do any reading or anything on how to deliver a baby. But I really had an amazing team. I had Cory holding one hand, my mom holding one of my feet, the other nurse holding one foot, and Cory's mom holding my hand and the camera.

I Started pushing and by the time Dr. Oldroyd came into my room he told me to stop pushing because i was giong to have that baby without him. So the nurses quickly helped him put his gown over his scrubs, and with to pushes our baby came. I guess it took only 22 minutes of pushing for our baby to come out. The Dr. didn't have time to give me an episiotomy, so I did tear a little (1 in.).

It has been a long and exhausting week, but very enjoyable. Let me introduce to you:

Joslyn Sayre
Born: December 22, 2009
Time: 8:02P.M.
Weight: 6 pounds 9 oz. (currently 6 lbs. 4 oz.)
Length: 19 inches

December 21, 2009


We all woke up early this morning so we could go to my Doctor appointment. Here is the update:
  • Weight- gain 1 1/2 pounds
  • BP- 120/80
  • Belly size- looks good
  • Baby's heartbeat- strong
  • Dilated- still the same (1-2)
So after the doctor checked everything... He told me that he was going to call EIRMC and see if there was any room to have me go in tonight. He came back and said that anywhere between 6:00-7:00PM I need to go to EIRMC and they will have me do cervidal. He says typically this will start the contractions, and by midnight I could be ready to deliver the baby. But if for some reason the cervidal doesn't do anything than he said Tuesday he will have my water break. So that's the update. I will be for sure spending the night tonight at EIRMC, but either today or Tuesday I will have a baby. So the next time you read my blog I'll include a picture of the babe!

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

December 16, 2009

39 weeks

I picked up my mom last night. She is here until Jan. 4th. I know I am the luckiest girl ever to have my mom help me that long. I really do love having her here, and I can't wait for her to spend some time with her new grand- daughter. Well today I am 39 weeks pregnant. I asked the Doc if I could be induced this Friday; and he said it depended on how "favorable" I was. For those who don't know what that means, because I sure didn' means it depends on the thinning of the cervix, and how much you have dilated.

Well today we had our weekly appointment and the doctor checked me out. Here are my stats:

  • weight: lost 1 1/2 pounds
  • BP: 120/87
  • Baby's heart beat: Strong and healthy
  • Size of tummy: still measuring to Dec. 23rd
  • Dilated: 1-2

So after finding all this out, I asked Doctor Oldroyd to see if Friday was a possibility, and he just turned and looked at me and said: "You're getting more favorable, but still not there". We were a little sad, but are okay with it. Dr. Oldroyd wants me to come into his office on Monday morning (8:30AM) to get checked out, and if I have progressed a little more, than he wants me to go to EIRMC to get started on Cervital (I think that's what it is called). It is supposed to thin the cervix, and once I get where I need to be, than he will start me on PIT (prob. on Tuesday). He said no matter what, he won't let me go over my due date and that he will let me be home for Christmas. So I may have my baby either on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.... unless by some miracle my water breaks from now till then. Wish me luck!

December 12, 2009

Brom is getting pretty good, We got 5 big roosters this day. He was pointing them out like a machine. It was like a switch turned on when he finally realized what we were trying to do out there. He was putting all the other dogs and their owners to shame, we were the only ones shooting birds out there. Actually Brom is making me look like a good hunter, the majority of these birds were brought back to me alive in brom's mouth. I would wing them and send Brom after them and he would swat them out of the air as they were trying to get away and bring them back to me. I hope next season is as good as this one was.

December 10, 2009

Strep B Test

So the past two appointments that I have gone to the doctor I keep forgetting to ask if I tested positive or negative for Strep B. I had heard that if you test positive that not only do you need to take the antibiotics, but they make you stay in the hospital for at least 2 days. Well since Cory and I decided that we want to be induced on my due date if I haven't had the baby already, I was thinking that I could potentially still be in the hospital on Christmas day. So today I remembered (with the help of a friendly reminder form my husband) to finally call the doctor and find out.

I called and asked the front desk receptionist if she could look into my file and tell me if I tested Positive or Negative. She said Negative!!!! I cheered on the phone, and she asked me if I tested positive before and I said " No, this is my first baby", but I was so excited that I won't be held up at the hospital just because of some test. So hopefully Baby and I will just stay healthy and strong so we can at least be home before night time on Christmas Eve!

December 9, 2009

38 weeks

Today I am 38 weeks pregnant. the last two times that i have gone to the doctors office i have been disappointed. Not because of them, but because i get my hopes up. i would love to have this baby, but i know i need to at least wait till my mom flies in from Oklahoma on the 15th. But i was hoping that i had at least started dilating some more since last time. But NO! I'm exactly the same place i was last week the size of a finger nail. I still have not started having any contractions, but i have been cramping a ton- which they say is good. I just want to start having the signs and symptoms like I'm supposed to. I know tons of people are are stuck at a two a month before their due date and I'm two weeks away from mine and my body acts like it wants to be pregnant forever. Hmmm... this is very frustrating. But at the same time, the closer everything is getting the more excited and super nervous I'm beginning to be. We packed our Hospital bags for Family Home Evening. So that is all ready- but i doubt we'll be in a rush of hurry like i always figured we would be. I bet i will end up being induced on my due date, and i won't get to experience the part of pregnancy that you get scared and nervous about, but excited at the same time. I know its a funny thing to want, but i just wanted this one thing to be normal about my pregnancy, and feel the things that everyone talks about. Enough venting. Here are the stats from today's office visit:
  • BP: 120/70
  • weight gain: 1 pound
  • Baby's heart beat: Great
  • belly measurement: Great
  • Dilated: 1 fingernails width AKA Nothing!
  • Aprox. Due date: Still Dec. 23rd.

I told the doctor that if i have not already had the baby, that i want to be induced by my due date and no later. But I want to try some natural ways to help speed the process up a bit. So if anyone has any suggestions to get me into labor that won't hurt the baby, I'm all ears!!!

December 6, 2009

2 1/2 weeks left

it's been awhile since i last posted so i have a lot to update. Last November I hosted my very first Thanksgiving ever. I took the whole week off from work and had my whole family stay at mynhome for part of the time and also at my In-laws cabin for the other half of the week. It was so much fun to see my family. Typically i see my side of the family about 1 -2 times a year. There was a family reunion during the summer so i got to see them for the second time this year for the holidays. I was afraid i was going to be so tired and not a good host since it was 4 weeks away from my due date and Cory ended up working most of the holiday at the hospital. But i have to say honestly that Heavenly Father truly was watching over me. The whole month of November i was having such horrible back pain, and i have had zero energy. The minute my family came into my house i was on the go constantly. Staying up late, serving everyone, making sure everyone was having fun. I even baked all the food and did tons of shopping with the family, went on a snow hike, shot some guns, played rock band, you name it. my dad kept saying that he was impressed with how much energy i had. To be honest so was i. But the minute the last family left my house, my body felt like i had hit a wall and luckily i had the weekend to rest before going back to work. I was so worried i wouldn't be able to handle hosting my family on my own since Cory was working, but i know the only reason why i had so much energy and zero pain was because of my heavenly Father blessing me.

my work gave me a surprise baby shower. I felt so stupid, because my guy co-worker said we needed to head to an IT meeting. i was trying to reach for a notebook and pen, and he said that i didn't need it. he walked me to one of the conference rooms and then there was a bunch of co-workers there with pin balloons and presents just for me and baby. I can't believe i felt for it. but i was super happy that my friends at work threw the shower. It made me feel so special and cared for.

two in half weeks till my due date. Cory and i did a ton of last minute shopping so we can pack my bag for the hospital. I could have this baby any day now, but we just want her to wait till my mom fly's in. but we are getting nervous, and excited all at the same time. I will try to be better to post all the updates till i have this baby girl. So stay tuned. My next appointment will be this Wed. (my 38 week apt). Stay tuned!!!

October 19, 2009


This posting is by none other than Cory himself. I just wanted to share with everyone Brom and I's first pheasant. Ohh and I added the music to our blog, pretty good for not being blog savey.

October 15, 2009

Week 30

So I went to the Doctors office this week. It was my 30 week appointment. Just for an update. I have gained a total of 24 pounds this pregnancy, my BP looks great, my urine looks awesome, and the pain in my groins is normal, and the baby's heart beat is still healthy and strong. I was surprised though to find out that the office did receive the H1N1 Vaccine. They gave me some paperwork to feel out and to read and if I wanted to they would give me the shot right there. As youall know i was really concerned and i wanted to be prepared for this moment. So i have been doing a lot of research, weighing the pros and cons, and a dear friend (Lisa) suggested that i pray after making a decision and ask Heavenly Father if that is a good decision. Well I did just that. I made a decision to get the vaccine and prayed and when i went into the doctors office and they offered the vaccine, i asked a few more questions... got some facts from the Doc (like: if you are pregnant and get the swine flu you have a 50% chance of going to the hospital, and a 30% chance of mom and baby dieing). When i told them that i was getting the vaccine i felt completely at peace and not scared like i thought i would be. I thinks it's because i did do a lot of prep work on deciding what to do. The doctor also said that they were only allotted 20 vaccines at their clinic and if they use them all and submit the paperwork back they will get another 20. I feel very blessed that i was able to get that vaccine so quickly; especially since so many people at work are getting it or their families are and Cory working at the hospital and bringing home soo many germs.

So I have been starting up on some new things... Scriptures every morning, FHE, date night, and a scheduled temple night. So far I have been reading at least 1 chapter every morning for the past three weeks in the Book of Mormon. My first week i was really stressed and had a crappy time at work and at home. Cory says it's because I'm doing something good and Satan is working twice as hard on me... Now I feel so much better throughout the day, i show up to work earlier, and i love reading to Cory when he is half awake and half asleep an when i have a question about something i just read he can spit out the answer... he's so smart. We just barely started FHE.. we usually had tons of soccer on Monday nights, but now that my jr. high girls are done with their season, and Cory's city league is over, we have a few more free Monday nights. So we tried it and I can honestly say there was an awesome spirit in our home. I really really hope we keep it up. Cory has been super busy with work, hunting season, riding his dirt bike, Dragons, etc... i told him that i don't mind all his activities but that I wanted at least one evening a week devoted to us. So we went on a double date with the Robbins and it was so much fun. We tried to dress up and smell good when getting ready for our date. We went to dinner ( Johnny Corrinos) and watched a movie (Couples Retreat- hilarious)... It was really such a fun night, and it made me feel so special to spend it with my sweet heart! We have scheduled a night to go to the Temple this month. I hear that once you do somethign like that things will come up... so we are going to really try hard and avoid temptations as that day gets closer... But yet again i'm excited to go to the Temple. These few little changes has made me soo happy and want to be a better wife for my hard working husband!

Well Last Sunday the Sayre's did their Fall 2009 photos at Grandma's pumpkin patch. Such a cute little place here in Idaho. I hope you enjoy the photos!

Sayre Grandkids Fall 2009

Mom & Dad Sayre

Ryan & Lynnette Sayre Family

Josh & Kaylin Sayre Family

Casey and Amber Sayre Family

Kaylin & Stefanie Sayre
The Sayre Girls!

Goofy Picture!

October 7, 2009

H1N1 Info.

So I have been curious about the H1N1 vaccine and whether or not I should get it. I finally found some great links that gives tons of information. Read about it if you are interested!
call 1-800 CDC-INFO for the most current information about the flu.

For more information about the flu in our community visit the East Idaho Public Health Department website at

October 6, 2009

6 More Doctor Visits Left!

Last Friday I went to EIRMC to do my glucose testing. I was given all sorts of advice, but when I gave them my slip they opened the mini fridge and gave me the orange drink. That was the flavor I was told to stay away from. hahhaa.. Truth be told.. I didn't think it was that horrible. I just downed it as fast as possible and waited patiently for the hour to pass by. Next time i think I'm bringin a buddy to taht testing, because an hour feels like forever when you are by your self. It wasn't till the hour was about over that I started to feel kind of yucky. I don't think my buddy likes that much sugar in my system all at once. They drew my blood and then i was done.

Well today I finally got around to going back to the doctor's office to get the report on my glucose test and to get my rogham shot. Everything checked out normal. She said that I'm not low in iron, my sugar count was at 68 which is a little lower than average. She says I could eat more protein and carbs to help that.. but that I can basically do what I'm doing now cause I'm healthy. I'm Blood Type O negative, and so I have to get a shot during my 28th week; so my body doesn't hurt the baby. Well I got that done and I won't lie... I am not a fan of the needles. The last time I got this shot the nurse shoved the needle on my side and I was sore for awhile. This time I barely felt the needle. I think it's because I have the best OB nurse in the world.

Well while I was at the doctors office I asked her what Dr. Oldroyds views were with the H1N1 vaccine. And she said that he is strongly recommending his patients to get the vaccine because pregnant woman are a high risk. They are getting the vaccines through the syringe not the nasal by next week or in two weeks. So I need to make up my mind within a week or two on whether or not I will accept the vaccination. I'm normally okay with getting vaccinated, but I'm nervous sense this is a new vaccine, and how can they test for side effects to pregnant woman in such a short time, or what it could do to my baby when she gets older. I'm trying to do some research online but I haven't found anything real so far. So if anyone knows of any legit Medical articles that can help me with this decision email it to me!

Well that is the baby update so far. I hope you enjoy the little video I made.. it's my nursery so far. It's still a work in progress, but my mom has been dying to see what I've done so far so here it is! I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

September 23, 2009

13 weeks left!

So I had my 27 week appointment today! That's right I am officially in the third trimester! woo woo! It's funny because my count down of 13 weeks left for having the baby is another persons countdown to Christmas.. that's right.. Christmas is just around the corner too! : )

Well Everything looks great so far.. My BP was 90 over 60 (pretty low still), I've gained a total of 19 pounds so far in the pregnancy. Dr. Oldroyd says the average person now a day gains 30 pounds during their pregnancy, so I'm pretty sure I'll be gaining a lot during this last trimester! This was the first time the doctor measured my belly. He keeps telling me that all my measurements are calculating to the exact due date.. I know I should be happy, but I want some how to have the baby's due date moved up and away from Christmas time.. But I will settle for healthy baby girl.

Funny thing... When the doctor was trying to get the heart beat of the baby; she kicked my belly really hard and knocked the doppler off my belly. I don't think she likes items on her.. She does the same thing when i fold my arms and add pressure on her. I think she may just end up having some red in her hair because she definantly has attitude already! : )

The doctor gave me a note to go do lab work at EIRMC sometime this week or next to check my glucose levels and blood work. I"ve already been told to choose the lime and not the orange ( Thanks Steph and Stacey).. so i will report back on how that goes!

Other than that there is nothing too new with us. Just slowly getting ready for baby, still coaching soccer, and trying to relax day by day!

September 13, 2009

Ode to the Honda 100!

So Last March, Cory bought me a dirt bike! I didn't know how to ride it, but he bought himself a used bike, and wanted me to get into it with him. So I tried it out! Well needless to say, I loved it. I bought all the gear: Helmet, chest protector, boots, jersey, gloves (still need the knee and elbow pads). I rode it about two maybe three times before I found out I was pregnant so then I had to stop riding.

I was sad that my bike would be left alone for 9 months, until my sister-in-law wanted to try riding. So I would watch her learn like I did, and then she got better and better, and even better at riding than myself! It was fun to watch her get into it, so that when I had this baby we could have something in common we could do together.

Well Cory has been riding a lot with his brother Josh, and friend Jeremy. And he really wants a newer bike that is a four stroke and doesn't foul plugs all the time like his current bike does. So he put his bike up for sell, and then later thought to put my bike up for sell.. which is fine. I didn't think I would care, and Cory said that he would like to get me a newer one with an electric start.

Well His bike has been up on the market for two weeks and no serious hits yet. Mine on the other hand was going like hot cakes. People wanted to buy it for their wife, or kid, or whatever, and were giving us tons of offers. Well last week we traded my 1998 Honda 100 CRF for a 2005 Polaris something something 900 snow mobile. Pretty nice trade.. if I don't say so myself. We got it looked at by Action Motor Sports, and they said the engine is in great condition and there is nothing wrong with our snowmobile minus some minor cosmetic cracks. So basically we double our return for my bike.

Now Cory can trade this snowmobile or sell it and use the money to get himself a newer 4 stroke and keep on riding.. The funny thing is... I kind of miss my bike. It was my first bike, and I didn't get that much time with it, but I miss my little Honda! So this post is just a little tribute to the bike I owned for such a small time but brought great happiness to me and the rest of the family!

September 8, 2009

6 Months and counting!

I have had a few request to post a prego shot on here! Here it is: 6 months huge! Now that I am pregnant; i can say that pregnant girls are so cute when they are showing and you can tell they are pregnant, but when it is you being the one being looked at and being big and pregnant you don't feel as cute.

Everything is same oh same oh with us Sayre's. We both work, and relax,and we don't have any big exciting news.. we have just been slowly getting everything ready for the baby to come. During the Labor Day weekend Cory and I painted the baby's crib and dresser. It looks amazing! I can't wait to get a picture on here for our baby's nursery. We still are wanting to sand and re-stain the wood floors, and then I will set up the crib. My mom has made a beautiful quilt for the baby's bedding but she won't show me until she comes up for Thanksgiving... so I'm curious to see it so I can start decorating the rest of the room. So far the colors are going to be a rustic red, browns (creams), and white, with just a tiny bit of baby pink for an accent color. So other than that nothing new for us! Pretty boring to talk about, but it's new and exciting for us!

Random thought of course... I was thinking about how we use to do some girls night out with some gals in Shelley, and I was thinking it has been awhile. And now that school is back in session, and things are slowing down, maybe a Girls night should happen again! Let me know if anyone else is wanting one!

6 months prego!

August 23, 2009

August is a busy Month!

Sorry still no pictures... but it's time for another update. So August has been a busy month.. i think the first weekend in August was the only weekend i've actually had some R and R time. One weekend we did our Ward camp out which was fun. It was funny to see which women in the ward liked camping and which ones didn't and the one's that compromised with their husbands by getting a camper trailer! At the Ward camp out.. Cory got a new calling: 2nd counselor in the Young Men's Presidency. we are both excited for his new calling.

After that, i spent almost a whole week in Orlando Florida... Before you all get so jealous.. I saw the airport, the hotel and the Convention Center that I worked in all week long for Melaleuca. It was a lot of work but it was fun. But i have to say it's nice to be home.

After working hard in Florida I went back to work and worked hard. Cory had a week off from work and so i took Friday off and we went to the Sayre Cabin in Island Park. Cory did some Fly Fishing with his brothers, and we walked around West Yellowstone and grabbed some ice cream, and then Cory's Brother made a great Dutch Oven roast, and dessert! We then had to leave, because Saturday morning Cory had his first responsibility with his new calling. we both helped out Saturday morning with the youth doing baptisms at the Idaho Falls Temple. It was so much fun! Later that same day we did our first MelaMasters Golf Tournament. It was a blast. We had golf carts, did 18 holes, had all you can have drinks and junk food, it was great. We even won a few prizes. They had a competition and Cory was a contender in the putting contest but got out beat at the end. on the second to last hol i won the longest putt, and won a gift card (7 feet 2 inches, was my put). It was the perfect most fun date in a long time that i've had with my husband! Te next day, we were slackers and instead of going to church drove to Utah to pick up my crib from my friend finally, and drive back all in once day.

So far that has been my busy August Month and it's not over yet! Tomorrow i go back to working hard at Melaleuca, have a baby appointment, Wednesday is Cory's Birthday (got to still wrap presents, make a cake, and clean house), oh and i am now an assistant coach for a Jr. High soccer girls team, and we have soccer practice four days out of the week plus two soccer games a week, and then this weekend the Sayre's are all going to Boise to visit Cory's grandparents for a couple of days!

August has been fun, but i can' wait for September and i hope it starts to slow down!

July 31, 2009

I'm a slacker

Sorry I haven't added a new post in forever.. but i do have a good excuse. The iphoto is not working on our computer so i can't load new pictures and i can't crop any pictures.. and i hate posting news without pictures... but here it goes anyway.... things to update:

Cory's dad did our ultrasound at week 16 and he said "I'll bet my next paycheck that it's a little girl".

Last weekend we went crazy and decided to do a weeks worth of stuff in two days- Cory bought a paint sprayer and stained the fence, and we painted our living room (FINALLY) and did an accent wall. Everyone really should come over. It use to be a light sage (but looked more light lime) but now it's a khaki color with a yellowish hue, and the accent wall is a medium brown. I promise it looks great and its way more refreshing to sit in the room.

Wed. Cory and i went in to see Dr. Oldroyd for our week 19 apt and they did an ultrasound. He says he's 90- 95% sure that we are having a girl. Good enough for me! two out of two ultrasounds showing a little girl.. So now we have to plan on drama and a cute little girl name, and finish buying baby stuff.

I believe that is all the updates. Again sorry this post is so lame and without photos. Hopefully i will be able to post some soon!

July 9, 2009

Week 16 check up!

Sorry no pictures. This was another routine check up... but I have a funny story to tell. So at Dr. Oldroyd's they make you bring in your own urine sample each time to come. Well last time I peed in the cup after breakfast, and apparently you are supposed to pee first thing in the morning before you eat; so you it doesn't mess up the blood sugar levels. I felt bad, so this time I was determined to do it right. Well the night before I put the urine cup on top of the toilet so that I wouldn't forget when I woke up. Well it worked... I woke up and I peed in the cup! I was so proud of myself. Well I had to get to work early , so I grabbed my cup of urine threw it in a purse, and went out the door. I got to work, and I was excitd to get a great parking spot; but then..... I grabbed my purse and it was soaking wet. The whole passengar seat was wet. I opened my purse up and yup, the lid to the cup was off and the te cup was empty. I HAD URINE ALL OVER MY SEAT! well... I had to re-fill it up, so i grabbed the purse and the cup and brought it to work. I drank a ton of water and re-filled it at work... Yea talk about embarrassing.

Needless to say, I had a successful urine sample to take to the doctor's office, but it was still post east breakfast. But everything checked out. They weighed me, and the nurse was proud of me because I'm finally starting to gain weight. I gained a wopping 4 lbs-- though I feel like I've gained much more. It took the doctor awhile to find the heart neat this time; probably because my blatter was still full from me dowing the water earler. But he found it.. 142 beats per minute. We are excited each time we hear good news. The doctor even pushed up my date to July 29th for our official ultrasound. He doesn't know that I am having my Father-in-Law give me one this weekened so I can maybe tell what we are having earlier. Wish us luck!

July 3, 2009

Carroll Family Reunion

Cory and I got almost a whole week off from work where we got to see not only my family, but a ton of cousins, and aunts and uncles and my grandparents from the Carroll side. It was so much fun. We bought a book on CD to help with the long 8 hour drive to the Heaton Ranch in Southern Utah. Once we got there, we went camping, played at some red sand dunes, went on a hike, did some spelunking (don't know the spelling), visited a graveyard with some family tombstones, went bowling, took tons of pictures, saw transformers, did some shopping, and went to a wedding reception. So needless to say it was a very busy week. I will have to say, that even though we did tons and tons of fun activities, it was just so nice to just be with my family. I didn't realize how much I miss my brother's famiy in Washington state. I met my nephew for the first time (he's 6 months) and got to see my niece for the second time ever (She's 2 1/2). It makes me want to go and visit my side more often. we went, we conquered, and now we are back to the work life!

June 18, 2009


If your family is crazy about escaping to the National Parks, here is a way to do it for free this summer.

This weekend both Yellowstone National Park and Craters of the Moon National Park are free!

June 14, 2009

Jackson's Baby Blessing!

I feel bad since we have missed two sundays in a row at our church. I was sick last sunday with pregnancy (Cory worked), and then this sunday we went to church in Pocatello for Jack's baby blessing! It was fun to see my sister-in-laws family and the Sayre's family all get together for one little boys blessing. I love family gatherings, and I love newborns, so it was fun. Casey blessed his son, with all his family and in-laws in the circle... And Amber made lunch for everyone ( the best chicken salad sandwiches). Casey and his son Jackson
Jackson Casey Sayre

The First Camp Out of the Summer!

Cory was wanting to go camping this weekend; and usually I'm the one begging to go, but it's been too rainy the past couple of weeks. I looked and it was supposed to rain on Friday night around midnight, and I didn't want to get soaked in a tent. Well.... We drove my friend to the airport, then hing out with Cory's family, and yes it did rain during that time; but by the time we go home around 11:45PM the rain had stopped. So we decided to camp in our Back yard. It was so much fun. I think we need to do it again soon!

June 10, 2009

12 week appointment!

So Cory and I went in to see Dr. Oldroyd for our 12 week check up. I don't know why, but I geuss I just assumed I would be getting another ultrasound. I didn't. It was a quick in and out check up. They weighed me; I weigh 1/2 pound less than my 8 week apt. My urine sample looked pretty good, and then he pulled out the doppler. We got to hear the heart beat. We've heard it before when we did the other ultrasounds, but this time it was more clear sounding. It was a strong and fast heart beat. So everything seems to be in check. Cory feels like visits like these are pointless; but I'd rather have an in and out visit because that means everything is looking good.

May 18, 2009

Broms Photo Op

Cory and I always feel super guilty when we have to leave Brom with someone else when we go out of town. I know it's pathetic, but we really do love our dog. So Sunday after we picked up our dog from my in-laws Cory and I decided that it would be fun to take Brom on a walk somewhere where he could jump in some water and swim since it was a hot day. So Cory took me to his secret hunting spot where he likes to go bird hunting. Well I ended up taking a ton of pictures of Master Cory and his Dog. It was really cool to see Brom in his element and to sniff and swim, and point out in the outdoors. He really is a beautiful smart dog. enjoy the pictures!

Best Birthday!

I had a great 23rd Birthday! I woke up on May 15th.. took work off, and my husband was in the kitchen cleaning dishes so I would not have to, and he made me waffles for Breakfast. Then I begged to open my presents from him... I had already opened one early because I could not wait. Cory got me some Clinique Happy Perfume, a thermarest sleeping pad, an Osprey Back pack, and a Sherpani wallet purse. We watched some office, 30 rock, and a movie.. just relaxing. then we took Brom to Pet Smart to get his nails filed and his face trimmed before we dropped him off at Cory's parents for the weekend.

We drove to Pocatello, and my wonderful sister and brother in law threw me a small birthday party. We had hot dogs and hamburgers, and i got some presents; which no one should have. It was wonderful... I think my favorite part was that my sister in law made me my favorite cake in the world: Boston Creme pie.

we spent the night in Pocatello, and drove up to SLC with the Schanz's to see ReAl Salt Lake play Kansas City Wizards. We lost 2-0. But it was still fun. We went to REI, and I got to introuce Tai Pan to my friend Rachel.. and yes she is addicted!

It was just a wonderful fun weekend.. Thanks to everyone who made me feel special I really am blessed to have such wonderful family and friends in my life!

May 13, 2009

Baby Sayre is growing strong!

I went to the doctor today due to some lower abdominal cramping. I was a little nervous since that was what I felt during my last pregnancy. The doctor said those were normal symptoms but just in case we did another ultra sound. Well, Baby Sayre grew a whole 1 cm from last week and we heard the heart beat again. A cool thing.. last week you could see the yolk sack and hardly any baby, this time the baby was twice as big as the yolk sac, and we had to look hard to see that. So we know everything is going great still. The new aprox. due date is Dec. 23rd, so it is still close to Christmas.. hopefully as we progress in the pregnancy the due date will keep coming earlier and earlier. I can't wait to meet our new baby!

May 9, 2009

Extra Extra Read All About It!

Cory and I found out that we were expecting last Fall. We found out we were pregnant on our 2nd Anniversary! We were going to tell our parents for Christmas and Surprise them, but later found out that I lost the baby and miscarried after 6-7 weeks. It's weird how fast you can be attached to something you haven't met yet. It was by far the hardest thing I have ever had to go through both physically and spiritually. I read a post from a friend who recently went through a miscarriage and her blog post really helped me even three month after mine happened.

Well after much meditation, prayers, and ovulation tests, Cory and I are again expecting. I am still not that far into the pregnancy, but so many people already know about it, so I figured I would make it official! So now that you know.. it's your duty to pray that this pregnancy lasts! : ) I feel really great about this pregnancy already, last time I cramped the whole time and had zero pregnancy symptoms. Now my chest feels slightly bigger, still not puking, but I am slightly queasy in the morning if I sleep in too late, and I am tired all the time. I had Cory give me a blessing, and things just feel more peaceful.

We went to the doctor for the second time (Dr. Oldroyd- Thanks Marcie for referring me to him) and had our first ultrasound. I was a little nervous since my last experience wasn't a great one, but we saw the baby, and the heart beat, and he even let us hear it. It sounds like a strong Heart Beat that goes really fast. : ) My aprox. due date is Dec. 26th, so pray for me to have a healthy baby and that I will be due early so it won't be a Christmas baby! Well that is the official update for the Sayre's. We feel extremely blessed that we have been giving second opportunity to be pregnant and be future parents of our Heavenly Father's special child.

April 10, 2009

Tough Times!!

So Cory and I have been reflecting a lot on how lucky and blessed we have been. We have a friend that graduated in the nursing program with Cory and he has a wife and two little kids to provide for and he got let go.

We are so lucky that we both have employers that work hard to allow us to keep our jobs; no matter what job that is. Cory has been working in the ICU, and we recently saw a post at EIRMC that in order to get into the ICU you need at least 10 years of nursing experience. Cory is lucky he got in when he did. Melaleuca announced that they will not let anyone go; even if that positions does not exist anymore, they will find a spot for you... And that is exactly what Melaleuca has done for me.

So I can't help but feel like I need to count all my blessings and be grateful for what I do have!

March 30, 2009

My Husband the artist!

Cory draws really really well. I swear if he wasn't a nurse he would do great making making logo designs for Burton, Volcom, etc. So one day I was in Porters and they had a sale on their Canvas, and paint supplies. So I was like what the heck; I bought a few small ones, a couple mid-sized, and one huge canvas. The first painting Cory did is the one with the Mountains. He gave it to his dad last year for Father's Day. The second painting Cory did of our dog Brom! As you can tell; Cory has some talent. He may not be the next Picaso, but I love it because he made it. Right now Cory is wokring on the HUGE canvas and doing a pretty cool scenary painting with a hunter and his dog in the background. And of course the dog will be a wired-haired pointing griffon!

(Painting of Mountains)

(Painting of Brom)

February 22, 2009

Next Hairstyles

Cory and I are very goal-oriented. I have been wanting to do a different look to my hair but I want to keep it long. Last Christmas I added a ton of layers, and I like my hair but when I watched the movie "The Women" I fell in love with Meg Ryan's look. I love her hair straight with the long layers, but I am almost tempted to perm my hair if I can get to look like that but Brown.

Cory has been wanting to grow his hair out for a very long time. Cory has an xbox360 and recently they added a feature where you can create an avatar that looks like you. Well Cory's looks like him but it is how Cory would like his hair to be. Since I have been trying to grow my hair out like a celebrity, we googled what hair would look similar to his avatar. It's a cross between Zac Efron, and this blond guy that we don't know who he is.