October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

I kept going back and forth on whether I was going to take Josie Trick-or-treating. I mean people know the candy won't be for her, and I don't want that candy around to tempt me. Well my mom as you know made Josie an awesome Owl costume, and Josie used it a lot this month. She used it when she went to Jen's Pizza Halloween party, she used it when my sister in law and I took the kids to see Melaleuca's trick-or-treating, and again at the Snake River Landing trick-or-treating.

The last two places looked at me funny like where is your treat bag. And when 6:00PM came on Oct. 30th and I saw little kids walking down the streets with their parents, I couldn't help it. I said to myself " who cares what others think, I'm going trick-or-treating with my daughter". I figured if anything this will be good exposure for her.

So I waited patiently for my husband to get home from work, and as soon as Cory got home we left. It was soo much fun! The weather was perfect, everyone gave us the good candy since they knew the parents would be eating most of the candy, and everyone loved seeing Josie in her costume! the best part was Cory. He was soo proud to be with his daughter and to do this with her. I kept asking him if he would like me to carry her, and he wouldn't give her up. So the two of them went door to door to the houses that we knew while mom took some pictures!

Happy Halloween!

Josie getting ready to go trick-or-treating
Josie and Dad in their Halloween costumes
check out all the loot!
going home after a great 1st Halloween experience!

October 26, 2010

Beware of Dusting!

I asked Cory to remove our two window ac units awhile ago. Well when he removed them I noticed that the windowsills were filthy. So today while Cory was out pheasant hunting I decided to clean the two windowsills up and since I was doing that I decided to clean the blinds too. So I grabbed a bowl and went to town. I was almost done when the very top faux wood thing that covers the top of the blinds fell down and smacked me in the mouth. It knocked my front tooth completely out (the one I just got a crown put on). Right when that happened Cory came home and I told him to make sure Brom didn't come in the kitchen because I was still searching for my tooth and I didn't want him to swallow it up.

When I called the dentist they luckily had an appointment call and cancel so they were able to squeeze me in. Thank goodness because I didn't want to look like the wife of Bubba for Halloween all week long! My dentist says he is going to make me a mouth guard for the next time I need to dust the blinds! So beware of dusting!

October 22, 2010

Josie's 10 months old!

Josie has three teeth in now. her two front bottoms, and now her top front one. she likes to say "da da", "ma ma", "no", "owe", and we are working on "dog". she likes to make noises out of her mouth while she wiggles her tongue from side to side, and she like to shake her head no but she doesn't say "no" when doing it. again another thing we are working on. and just recently she has been starting to dance a little when music is on. Oh my word I love this girl!

October 20, 2010

Halloween fun with the kids!

My Father in law asked me to talk with my sister in laws and get stuff together so we could eat dinner, possibly catch a hunted house, whatever before they left to go to AZ. I was really excited since I just went to a kid halloween party at my friends house so I had some ideas but I was nervous on whether or not I would have everything ready within two days. Well with the help of my lovely sister in laws and a good friend I think the kids ended up having a blast. Thanks everyone for all your help!

October 16, 2010

Subaru for sale!

Hey everyone. I've already posted this on craigslist, ksl.com, and superidaho.com and have already got 5 people who have emailed me. but in case you or anyone you know needs an awesome subaru, buy it from us!

we are asking $11,000 OBO. we just need to get at least what we owe on it. i'm sad to sell it, it really is an awesome car, has super low miles (52,000).

email me if you are interested: stefanie.sayre@gmail.com

October 12, 2010


I honestly thought that becoming a stay at home mom life would slow down. NOPE! I am not complaining one bit though. I am loving it... This month so far there has been tons of riding, hanging with family, a wedding, and Josie just got her owl costume in the mail today from her grandma so we had her try it on. Enjoy the pictures!