May 19, 2012


So April came and went but I wanted to share a few things that happened. Both my mom and my mother in law had there birthdays, Amber and Casey's family from Canada came and visited each of us and spent some time at our house, and My Aunt Jo Jo and her daughters Tiffany and her two kids stayed with us a couple nights. So it was pretty busy! When Amber and her family came the brothers wanted to do a guy thing with Casey and they all went motorcycle riding, so the next day us girls decided to get pedicures done. It was fun cause Lynnette had never had one before and its always fun to go with a newbie.

I have been doing a crochet project this year where I am making a hat for every Sayre for their Birthday. They get to pick the type of hat (for the most part) and color and they wait till their birthday. Well I gave my mother-in-law her hat for her birthday, and since the Sayre's from Canada were coming I wanted to try and get all their hats done to save on shipping and the worry of whether or not it will get to them. So I did pretty good and got all but Casey's hat done. His birthday isn't until July so Hopefully if I mail it to him in June and it gets stuck in customs it will still reach him on his birthday.

Mom Sayre's Birthday hat!


Liz Taylor said...

I want to learn how to make cute little hats!! How did you learn, any good teaching books?

Stefanie Sayre said...

the old ladies in your ward are the best teachers. that and youtube helped a ton!