May 27, 2012

Beckham is 5 months old!

Beck is officially 5 months old! Right now he rolls from his tummy to his back and back to his tummy. Not every time but he can. I started him on rice cereal. When I started Joslyn on it she loved it, not Beck. I tried using my breast milk from the freezer and thawing it out, I tried fresh milk and pumping, I've tried heating up apple juice. It seemed he tolerated cold cereal with Apple juice the best, and this morning he liked it warmed up. I think He is just now getting use to the routine of eating cereal but he still really likes to just nurse. Beckham had a cold and a cough, and then one night his cough got really bad. I recorded it and sent it to my Dr and he thought it sounded like whooping cough. So we got him tested and put on antibiotics. We never did get a call back from the lab soo i'm guessing it wasn't whooping cough, but I'm glad he's feeling a lot better. He is still my happy chubby baby! I love looking at him and he instantly gives me a huge grin, It just makes my day.  Here is his 5 month picture!
Beckham at 5 months old!


Joslyn pulling her eyes down

Chubby Cheeks

Josie took this picture

Cory just woke up and wanted to play with his kids

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